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6 Things You Can Find in A House with a Toddler

Parents usually prepare for the arrival of their newborn, and they usually buy dozens of things that they think their new baby may need. Some of these items are only for your toddler’s needs, while others are there to make your life as a new mom easier. If you are a new mom, then you should know that there are various things that you must have. Obviously, there are things that are more important than others, and you should focus on the essentials, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t opt for a few things to spoil your little one as well. Keep reading for things that you can find in a house with a toddler. 

Video Monitor

Some parents choose to have their babies sleep in a different room, but they still worry about them and want to be able to see them at any hour of the night. This is why you need a video monitor in order to provide you with peace of mind. You really don’t want to get up every minute you hear your baby makes a noise as you will need your rest too. Moreover, you may even startle your baby without meaning to, but this monitor will allow you to check on them whenever you want to from the comfort of your own bed or couch. Some video monitors can also be linked to your phone, so even if you leave your toddler with their dad or grandparent, you can still check on them.


A stroller is one of the most important items any toddler and parent needs. If your baby hasn’t started walking yet, then it will be extremely exhausting and inconvenient to carry them and their diaper bag wherever you go, and even if they are walking, their little feet will get tired pretty quickly. A stroller is one of the baby and toddler products that will make your and your baby’s life much easier. For instance, if you are out having a meal with your friends or shopping somewhere, your baby can happily sit, sleep, or play in their stroller. You should make sure to opt for one that has swivel wheels and can be folded so you can carry it around easily.


Every baby needs a soft blanket in order to have a peaceful sleep. However, you should make sure that the blanket isn’t too light, or your little one will get very cold, and if it is heavy, they will get really hot and may even suffocate. For these reasons, you should opt for a blanket that is comfortable and cute, so they can grow to like it. If you want to increase their sense of their security while sleeping, then maybe you should opt for a cuddly toy as well.

Toddler with blanket
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Sippy Cups

As your baby grows, so will their needs as they won’t feed on a bottle for the rest of their lives. They watch you drink from a cup, and they want to do the same to feel independent. This is why you should buy sippy cups for your toddler and teach them to start drinking on their own. Make sure to opt for a small size cup with handles so they will be able to hold them easily, and choose ones with fun colors and drawings that they will enjoy.

A Diaper Bag

A diaper bag is a must-have for toddlers who aren’t potty trained yet. The diaper bag should include diapers, wet wipes, clothes, baby powder, rash cream, hand sanitizer, and a changing mat, and make sure that these items are always in your bag. Wet wipes are very important, and you can use them with different things, not just for wiping your little one while changing. You can clean them off from dirt or after they eat or throw up as well.


Your baby is never too young for toys. As a matter of fact, there are many toys that are designed for this tender age that they can really enjoy and benefit from. You can buy them things like play-doh, blocks, beach and car toys. These toys will keep them occupied and entertained. When shopping for toys, make sure that none of them have any small pieces as they could easily swallow them.

When you are shopping for your little bundle of joy, make sure to choose things that can make your job as a mom a lot easier, like a stroller, diaper bag, or a video monitor. You should also buy items that the baby can use and enjoy, like a blanket, sippy cups, or toys. It is important to opt for stuff that has cute colors and shapes so they would find them entertaining.

Featured Photo by Jackie Hope on Unsplash