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Top Seven Benefits of a High Chair for Babies or Toddler

If only the prices of the baby items were as small as the babies… this is what goes in the head of the parents when they are shopping for their babies to include a baby high chair. 

Unlike babies, the prices of their items are quite heavy on the parents’ pocket. From buying clothes to set up a nursery, it puts a great deal of strain on the hard-working parents’ limited budget.

The majority of the parents do not entertain the idea of investing in baby-gears such as a stroller, baby high chair, rocking chair, tummy time playmats, etc. According to many parents, babies use this stuff for a very short period. Hence, their money would go to a complete waste once they grow up and no longer use the items.

To be honest, if you don’t want to buy baby gears such as a stroller or a high chair for your baby, it is completely fine. After all, they are not as important as baby diapers, right?

But, what if we told you that you should invest in one piece of furniture for your baby, which will be used by the baby but will provide tremendous benefits to you as well?

Yes, we are talking about a baby high chair.

This simple piece of furniture has many benefits for you and your little one. Finding it hard to believe, well don’t!

Below we have listed seven amazing benefits of a high chair that will convince you to buy one for your baby right away.

Top Seven Benefits of High Chairs for Babies or Toddler

1. Time Saver

How many minutes do you need to feed your little one? It sometimes becomes next to impossible to feed the baby. During meal times, they will be interested in everything and everyone, except for their food.

A mother has to wrestle with the feeding items while continuously struggling to make her wiggly munchkin sit straight.

High chairs are the answer to make your baby sit properly and finish his meal without moving constantly. If you are a busy mama with other chores to look after, then a high chair is a must for you.

It will save your time to feed the baby and clean up later.

2. Easy To Clean The Mess

Easy to clean high chair
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Babies are the kindest creatures on the planet. They never eat their food and love to share it with their clothes, floor, cushions, or anything within their reach.

While it may make them generous and develop the bond and the habit of sharing, it becomes difficult for parents to clean up the mess after mealtimes.

But, if your baby is seated on a high chair during mealtimes, he will not make much of a mess. The only things that they can dirty are their clothes and the detachable tray of their high chairs. 

Once the mealtime is over, you only have to clean up the detachable tray. You can either wash it by running it under the water or simply wipe the stains and crumbs with a damp cloth. Bid farewells to the long durations of cleaning away the mess after the mealtime is over.

3. Makes The Baby Feel Included

Poor babies do not get a chance to join the family mealtimes. They are often fed earlier than the family mealtime. But, with a high chair, you can now include your little one in family mealtime.

Including your baby in the family mealtimes makes them feel included and allows them to bond with their siblings and other family members. 

It helps the baby to learn social manners, maintain eye contact, and reflect positive social behavior.

4. Safety And Comfort

The comfortable seat of a high chair allows the baby to sit properly and enjoy his meal safely. The high chair’s sturdy design and wide base ensure that it stays stable even if your little one throws a tantrum.

Moreover, the safety strap prevents the baby from slipping out of the chair. So, parents can be assured that their babies will be safe and will not escape the chair when they divert their attention from them.

And…that’s not it. Did you know that making your babies sit on a high chair with a footrest improves their posture and motor skills? 

Enjoy mealtimes with your babies without compromising on their safety.

5. Makes The Babies Independent

 The majority of the parents do not let their children eat on their own. Babies find it difficult to handle the feeding items, use the spoon and feed themselves. Even if they try eating on their own, it creates a lot of mess. This prevents the parents from letting them eat by themselves.

High chairs offer a solution for this problem too. The tray on the high chairs allows the baby to comfortably eat by themselves without worrying about handling the bowl, spoon, glass, etc.

Not only will your baby eat independently, but he will also strengthen his fine motor skills, which later help in writing.

Moreover, when the child eats by himself, he loves trying out different items placed in front of him. If the baby gets familiar with the taste of different items, he is less likely to become a picky eater when he grows up.

6. Helps You Manage The Child While You Are Busy 

Have tons of unfinished house chores and nobody to look after your baby? Don’t worry. Just grab the high chair, make your baby sit in it while you work without any worries. 

Give them a coloring book, their favorite toys, or a few of their favorite kitchen items like a spoon and bowl, and let them play in peace.

If you have a high chair with wheels, it will be much easier for you to take the high chair wherever you go.

However, stay nearby when your child is seated in a high chair. Never trust your little one while he is alone. He will surprise you with his latest stunts.

7. Other Activities 

You did not spend your hard-earned money on a high chair to be only used during mealtime, did you?

Why limit using the chair for feeding the babies when you can use it for other activities too. A high chair allows your baby to sit comfortably and focus on their food or other activities.

Numerous activities can keep your baby engaged, sharpens his intelligence, and improves his fine motor skills.

Give your baby coloring books, watercolors, a few pegs, or simply a storybook. You’ll be amazed to see how your baby would immerse himself in different activities on a high chair.

So, dear parents, have you made up your mind about buying a baby high chair? If yes, we would strongly suggest you consider the following points before investing your hard-earned money in a baby high chair.

Considerations Before Buying A Baby High Chair

Benefits of high chair
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1. Safety

The most important factor to consider before buying a high chair. Make sure that the high chair has a wide base and is sturdy enough to stay stable. Also, check the quality of its safety strap and harness points.

If you are planning to use a preloved high chair for your baby, then make sure to check it has no sharp edges or splinters as they can hurt your baby’s delicate skin.

2. Your Budget

Let’s face it. High chairs are not the only thing that your baby would need. A lot of money is needed to buy their clothes, diapers, crib, car seat, etc.

Do not get swooned away by the huge variety of high chairs that you see in the market. Always stick to your budget and do not overindulge.

3. Space

The variety of baby high chairs might tempt you to buy a large and colorful high chair with extra features. Don’t forget about the space you have. Keeping a huge high chair in a small room will make it difficult for you to move around.

4. Comfort

Your baby will not enjoy his meal comfortably if his high chair’s seat is not well padded or made from rough material. Always check the seat’s fabric and ask the seller if it can be removed for washing purposes or not.

5. Versatility

There are many baby high chairs available in the market that grow with your baby. It is always a wise idea to spend your money on baby gears that your baby can use for a longer time than just a few months.

Invest in a high chair that can turn from a baby high chair to a booster and then to a toddler high chair.

6. Ease of Cleaning

You don’t plan to keep using the high chair daily without cleaning it, do you? Make sure to buy a high chair that is easy to clean.

Not cleaning the high chair frequently will lead to mold and other bacteria, which can be very unhygienic for the baby.

Make sure that the high chair you purchase comes with a detachable tray and can be easily cleaned. Moreover, check that the high chair is easy to assemble and dismantle to thoroughly clean it from inside.


Buying a high chair is not a compulsion. However, if you buy one for your baby, be ready to get tons of benefits out of it.

Your baby will learn to eat independently and give you a lesser tough time finishing his meal. Moreover, you can use this important piece of furniture for other activities like reading, coloring, painting, etc.

Which other benefits do you think a baby high chair provides? Share it in the comments below.

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