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Best Neighborhoods to Move to In Seattle!!!

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Have you made your decision to move to Seattle? Are you looking for the best neighborhood in Seattle to move to? If yes, then this is just the right guide for you. Top-rated state to state movers claims that the best thing about this place is that it is consistently morphing and evolving into a bigger one, and this is the main reason why people are choosing to move into Seattle. As the place is definitely on the rise, it is great for the local economy, which is attracting the local people to relocate. You want to find the best neighborhoods to move to in Seattle. If you have already made up your mind, then the only thing missing is to find an affordable and reliable moving company. You can find the best professional movers near you on the Great Guys Moving website if you have no idea where to start your search.

Check out these best neighborhoods in Seattle to move to: 

1. Ballard

Ballard is a city located near downtown. For those people who love to enjoy the trendy restaurants and city life and at the same time they want to enjoy the quiet spots of natural beauty, this is just the right place for all of them. Here you can enjoy walking along the beach and can enjoy the view of the mountains as well. The Nordic Heritage Museum is also present near the city to visit the museum for a history lesson and learn about history. You have to pay around $2,000 on average for rent. It is considered one of the most expensive areas of Seattle.

2. Columbia City

It is quite surprising to know that Columbia city was a hidden gem just before a decade ago. But recently, more and more people are moving to Columbia City as it has the ideal public transit access. The place also has a great community, which is very welcoming. At the same time, with the increase in the population’s density, the city has also become a great place for independent local businesses such as boutiques, restaurants, shops, and so on. Apart from that, the place is also famous for its nature’s beauty. The place also has a famous farmers market where you should visit at least once.

3. Greenwood

The place is located north of the greenwood lake, which has been placed above the Phinney Ridge neighborhood. The place has an excellent residential area which is preferred by all the young families. Apart from that, the place is just 15 minutes’ drive from downtown. Apart from that, the place also has local bars and cafes that are also family-friendly. 

4. West Seattle

West Seattle Neighborhoods
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West Seattle is a popular place for all the people who choose to live in Seattle. West Seattle is also considered as the downtown of West Seattle. Here you can enjoy the farmer’s markets and the unique shopping experiences. Apart from that, the place is also famous for dining experiences and shopping sports. If you are limited in budget and want an affordable neighborhood with beach access, then this is just the right place for you. Here you can get one bedroom set on rent from$1,300 to $ 1,700. 

5. Beacon Hill

For all those who are looking for the best neighborhoods near a rail public transportation system, Beacon Hill is just the right place for you. Those who have to commute to the city for work can travel easily and access the airport with ease. If you are the one who loves to eat food and authentic cuisines from different restaurants, then this is just the right place for you. The place has diverse neighborhood citizens; therefore, you will enjoy the neighborhood diversity.

6. Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill is one of the most populated places where most people of Capitol Hill resides. The neighborhood is highly diverse and accepting in nature; therefore, you will love to live in this place. There are also several gay bars, indie coffee shops, and restaurants that you will enjoy. Here you can also see the history as it contains a museum. It also has numerous numbers of dining and cultural options, which is famous for the residential people. 

7. South Lake Union 

South Lake Union
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It is the epicenter of technology. It is one of the fast-growing neighborhoods with many things to do and see and enjoy. The place also has great dining experiences and has a plethora of new apartments; therefore, you can easily get an apartment for you. The Amazon headquarters dominate the place. On the weekends, you can enjoy many things such as food that is catered for the crowd. While there is lots of hustle-bustle in the day but the evenings are quiet, and you can enjoy various things around the year here. 


While in the end, you should choose a community to live in based on your lifestyle, needs, requirements, and interests. Just check out all your interests and then find out the best neighborhoods for you to live in. Tame your fears and makes an informed choice. It is time to start your planning to move into Seattle as there are numerous numbers of different places are present to live there, which are highly popular and ideal options to move to. 

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