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Birthday Party Printable Pack {And How We Celebrate Birthdays!}

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We’re heading into birthday month when we celebrate three of our daughters’ birthdays within 3 weeks (and next year, we’ll be adding Jackson’s birthday for 4 birthdays within 6 weeks!).

Because of the proximity of their birthdays to one another, we’ve decided not to do a friends’ party every year, but we do have several traditions that the girls look forward to:

  • streamers hung in the kitchen
  • breakfast waffles with whipped cream and candles
  • a fun outing with one friend
  • a shared family dinner with the grandparents

They also get individual birthday parties when they turn 5, 9, 13, and 16, though, and that means it’s our oldest’s turn for a party this year. She’s been making plans for months now, to the point that I chose a date and sent out “save the date” emails last month because I’d really like as many of her invited guests (which includes 8-9 girls) to be able to come as possible.

Although the birthday party itself is a big deal, and we’ll be looking for lots of ways to make it special for her, I’m not much of a Pinterest-level party planner. We’ll stick to a color theme (pink and green) and have a few activities and crafts and lots of time for them to play without worrying about all the details that could take it from fun to stressful.

I did make a set of printables for the occasion, though, and I thought it would be fun to share it with you. I hope your children enjoy their special day as much as mine do.

Click the links below to download or print each printable:

Looking for more birthday printables? We also have a birthday countdown chain and birthday party planner.

How does your family celebrate birthdays?