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101 Days of Christmas: Burlap & Button Bows

These burlap & button bows could not be simpler to make, but they are so darling!

Really, you could use this method to make bows out of virtually any material, but as you’ll soon discover, I’m a bit obsessed with burlap this year. Honestly, I’ve always loved burlap, but I was kind of intimidated by it. But I’ve discovered how easy it is to work with and how truly versatile it can be, and now I’m having so much fun coming up with new ways to use it.

Add these bows to gifts or use them to decorate your tree. I’m thinking a few tiny ones might even be cute attached to barrettes for our girls!

Learn How to Make Burlap & Button Bows {101 Days of Christmas at}


  • burlap
  • scissors
  • buttons


Cut a strip of burlap for your bow. Mine was about 1″ x 12″ to start, but I just eyeballed it rather than worrying about exact measurements. Use this handy trick to cut straight edges.

Fold the bow as shown in the first image above, like an awareness ribbon, with the two “tails” both facing right away and overlapping to form a smooth loop at the top.

Pinch the middle of the loop together with the X where the ribbons cross to make a bow. Use a strand of burlap (or another string) to tie it tightly around the middle and hold the bow in place, adjusting the loops before you knot the thread.

Bring the thread back around the front of the bow and thread both ends through the button holes. Wrap around one more time and tie tightly in the back.


  • Use fabric or ribbon to make your bow instead.
  • Wrap an extra piece of material around the bow and glue it in the back rather than using a button.
  • Make bows in a variety of sizes and colors.
  • Layer two or more buttons together.

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