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Can Children Use Online Therapy?

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What comes to your mind when you hear about “online therapy” what comes to your mind? Most of you may think that it is only designed for adults. But did you know that children can also use online therapy?

But as a parent, before enrolling your kid in an online therapy session, you must know how it works. Beyond that, it is also important to determine the possible benefits and risks associated with online therapy.

This post will guide you on whether signing up your kid for online therapy is good. Read on to know further.

How Online Therapy Works

These days, many health professionals use the advantages of the internet in treating their young adult patients. Online therapy allows your kids to receive almost the same benefits they can get by joining an in-person therapy appointment.

Online therapy is done through phone calls, messaging, or live video chats from the word online. With that in mind, patients and doctors should use any gadget available, such as a computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

Therapists may also include parental input to help them better understand the struggle experienced by a child. Beyond that, therapists may also conduct an initial one-on-one interview with the child’s parents to gather more information about the kid’s history and the family history of mental illnesses.

After the initial interview, the therapist will formulate possible treatment recommendations and options and discuss them with the child’s parents. Rest assured that all the information shared between the parent, child, and the therapist will remain confidential.

Different Types of Online Therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is the most common type of therapy offered online. This type of treatment deals with strategies that may help a person determine and change the patient’s destructive behavior or remove unhelpful thoughts.

According to some research, a patient may receive the same benefits of cognitive-behavioral therapy conducted online and in person. This treatment is usually common in children dealing with depression and anxiety. Aside from that, it is also an effective technique to treat various mental health conditions.

On the other hand, other types of therapy should be performed only in an in-person appointment. For instance, play therapy requires an in-person connection between the therapist and the child. This is because it requires the usage of different toys that will help the child to express their emotions.

Aside from play therapy, another example of a limited therapy for in-person appointments is sand tray therapy. This is because it involves using different figurines scattered on a tray of sand. Therapists will require their patients to arrange the figurines on the sand tray. After that, the therapist may create a conclusion based on the arrangement of the figurines.

The Benefits of Signing Up Your Child for an Online Therapy Session

As we mentioned earlier, before you enroll your loved ones for an online therapy appointment, you should first determine the potential benefits of this decision. To help you out, we have listed the common benefits your child may get after each online therapy session.

It is Easy to Access

If your kid knows how to use the internet and mobile gadgets, they can navigate online therapy without any hassle. Aside from that, they can easily adapt to the nature and process involved in online therapy.

It is Less Expensive

Compared to in-person therapies, online therapy will cost you less. This is because therapists do not have to pay overhead costs. Beyond that, they don’t also need to pay staff members, rent office rooms, and many more.

Therapy Is More Accessible

Since this kind of therapy is done online, children can reach their therapists with ease and convenience. They don’t need to visit the therapist’s clinic, making the session more accessible.


Parents with busy work-life usually neglect to schedule their kid’s in-person therapy sessions. Fortunately, parents can easily sign up their kids for online therapy with online therapy. In most cases, other online therapists accommodate weekend or even nighttime appointments.

Can be Done Within the Comfort of Your Home

In most cases, children feel less comfortable when treated in the therapist’s office space. Since this kind of therapy is done online, your child can have a one-on-one online appointment with his/her therapists without the need to go outside.

What are the Drawbacks?

Some Online Therapists Do Not Accept Insurance

In-person therapy appointments allow you to pay for each session with your health insurance coverage. On the other hand, most therapists who offer their service online are less likely to accept insurance.

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Technical Problems May Occur

Online therapy requires a stable internet connection. If a family has slow access to the internet, they may have difficulty setting up an appointment with an online therapist. Aside from slow connection, there is also a possibility that software issues or technical glitches may happen, interfering with the session.

Online Therapy Is Not Ideal For All Conditions

As we mentioned earlier, some therapies can only be performed in person. This means that not all conditions or issues your child is facing are ideal to be treated by an online therapist. For instance, a suicidal child may require the immediate attention of an in-person therapist. The same concept also goes for children that engage in self-harm.


Consulting with a professional therapist is the best idea, especially if your child shows behavioral problems, frequent mood swings, or anything that affects their mental health. An online therapist may help you treat your child’s condition in the comfort of your home. But take note that not all mental health conditions are treatable online.

You can find several therapists that offer their services online. They may use different communication options and fees per session with that in mind. Just do your research to find the best and suitable online therapist that can potentially help your child overcome his/her condition. 

Featured Photo by Julia M Cameron from Pexels