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Chippin: Rethink the Food Standards for Your Canine Friend

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A dog is a man’s best friend – no truer statement has been uttered (or typed). Our dogs are thought of as an additional family member for many of us- a loved one who just so happens to have a wet nose, four paws, and a wagging tail. However, just because we love them dearly does not mean we know what specific ingredients (good or bad) or additives could be hiding in their dog food.  This article helps you to know what nutrition to look for in the food for your canine friend.

Selecting the right dog food for your best friend

There are many different factors to consider when selecting a dog food that’s best suited to your canine friend– their breed, energy level, food sensitivities, or allergies are important things to keep in mind. You always want to find the best dog food either wet or dry. Just like people, dogs do have a preference so use the healthiest wet or dry food you can find. If they enjoy wet food then you want to buy the best wet dog food

Harmful ingredients to look out for:

  • Melamine is a type of plastic containing nitrogen known to cause kidney failure in some dogs.
  • Monosodium Glutamate (or MSG) is a substance used for flavor enhancement in dog and human food. Like in human food, there’s no real need for MSG to be added to any dog food (other than covering up substandard quality ingredients).

Beneficial ingredients:

  • Pumpkin – helps your dog’s digestive system, containing essential micronutrients and fiber.
  • Kale – packed with vitamins to support your dog’s bones, vision, and heart.
  • Chia seeds – slowing digestion and holding water. Chia seeds keep your dog hydrated longer.
  • Blueberries – contain essential antioxidants, vitamins, and fiber.

The beneficial ingredients listed above are just a few examples of superfoods to help your dog be the healthiest, best version of themselves. But now comes the question- where do I find food that is not only healthy for my dog but also affordable? The answer comes in bright yellow packaging – Chippin’s natural dog food and treats.

Customized meal plans

Chippin is a woman-owned, small business that enables customers to purchase a customized, all-natural meal plan tailored to their dog’s individual needs without breaking the bank. It is made in small batches from local, trusted sources. Chippin’s dog food products guarantee only the highest quality ingredients for your furry family member- lab testing batches of products to create and inspire a healthy, transparent chain of supply.

Monthly subscription

The University of Illinois’ Department of Animal Sciences studied the proteins in Chippin food compared to other well-known dog food brands. They found that the proteins in Chippin have higher levels of valuable amino acid content, which is incredibly important for a healthy digestive system. Starting at $1.50 per day, their unique formula creates your very own suggested subscription service based on your answers to three vital questions – the age, weight, and whether your pup is neutered or spayed (an indication of their energy levels). Chippin treats are for dogs of all ages, though their daily food is recommended for dogs one year and older. Based on the information entered, Chippin calculates a recommended meal plan with affordable pricing for your canine friend for four weeks at a time. Chippin offers 20% off your total order with a monthly subscription and comes delivered to your door every month. And with a satisfaction guaranteed policy, if your canine friend does not love the taste for some reason, you are entitled to a full refund. If you’re still not comfortable making a month’s commitment to Chippin or are afraid your furry friend may not like it, a trial food pack is offered on their website. For $29.99, a 3.5lb bag of Silver Carp Daily food can be delivered to your door with the peace of mind of Chippin’s satisfaction-guaranteed policy. A variety sampler pack of their unique dog treats is also for sale on their website, containing 5 ounces of each treat sold.

What’s in it?

Now for the important part- what’s in it? Every bag of Chippin dog food or treats contains oven-baked, natural ingredients, easily digestible goodies created in close collaboration with board-certified veterinarians, scientists, and pet parents like yourself. Specialty treats come in various flavors with health advantages such as Antioxidant, Superfood, Smokehouse BBQ, and Spirulina Dailies. Each kind of oven-baked treat provides a slightly different advantage than the others. For example, the Antioxidant dog treats target immune support with anti-inflammatory characteristics.

Chippin canine food and treats
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In contrast, the Smokehouse BBQ treats are rich with omega-3, great for gut health, and an especially compelling option for canines with food sensitivities. Chippin enforces a no byproduct rule in all of their products, only offering natural protein and meats like cricket, silver carp fish, and spirulina. All three are sourced from small to medium-sized farms and fisheries, wild-caught and humanely harvested. Crickets are collected at the end of their natural life cycle and, although it might sound strange, are an incredible source of protein, containing all ten amino acids essential for optimum canine health. The silver carp fish are vastly overpopulated in the Great Lakes. Hence, the humane harvest of these fish improves the water quality, restores biodiversity, and supports local fishermen and small fisheries. Silver carp fish are rich in omega-3 and are a natural alternative protein for dogs with allergies. Spirulina is also a natural source of protein, organically grown algae that encourage gut health for your beloved canine friend.

Environmentally conscious packaging

Not only does Chippin place a primary focus on your pup’s health and nutrition, but they also are environmentally conscious- packaging all items in 29% post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials. This is evident by looking closely at their dog food or treat bags. In normal plastic packaging, you will notice a smooth, uninterrupted finish, with no small bumps or imperfections insight. However, in Chippin’s plastic neutral packaging, you will notice small bumps, which are actually bits and pieces of sterilized and repurposed milk cartons and yogurt cups. After all, less than 9% of plastic is actually recycled once thrown out, so Chippin prides themselves on their active participation in decreasing the amount of plastic pollution that ends up in landfills and nature, as well as carbon neutral shipping to anywhere in the United States and District of Columbia. A ‘Pawsitive Vibes’ tin can also be purchased on their website- creating easy, air-tight storage for treats as well as a ‘Chippin Champion’ silicone, a collapsible bowl for convenient “on the go” feeding. If you prefer to shop in person, Chippin is also available at select stores across America.


As a pet parent, you want the best for your canine friend. This includes making sure they see the veterinarian, good nutrition in their food and treats, and plenty of love and exercise.