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How to Keep Your Dog Busy While Working from Home?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have started working from home. Although this change was initially welcomed as a primarily positive development, more and more people noticed that their productivity while working from home is just not the same. There are plenty of distractions, and there’s no one stopping you from taking small breaks every once in a while that always somehow end up being longer than you’ve planned. 

The situation is even more difficult if you have a dog in your home. Unfortunately, our pets don’t understand the concept of remote work – if they see you, they will want to play with you. 

To make your life a little bit easier, we have prepared several tips that will help you keep your dog busy so that you can focus on work.

1. Choose The Right Place

First of all, you should choose the right place to work. If you have a dog, you should do that in a room that is away from your pet. This way, your dog won’t be able to disturb you while you are working, and you won’t be distracted as well.

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2. Provide For Your Pet

A well-fed dog is a happy dog, so if you want to make your pet busy while working, you should provide him with some quality time and food. There are many ways in which you can do that. For example, you can fill his ball with food or treats, so he will spend some time playing with it. Of course, this might not be enough for some pets, so you will have to provide them with something to chew on or play with. If your dog gets too excited when you finish work and return to the common areas he/she may have excitable urination issues. But don’t fret pet parents has comfortable dog diapers that are washable

3. Play With Your Dog

Another great way of keeping your dog busy is to play with it. If you have time during your working hours, you should play your favorite game with your dog. You can do that in the room where you are working or even on the balcony. Just make sure that you’re not too loud and not disturbing anyone in your neighborhood.

4. Buy a New Toy

If your dog is still bored after playing with its old toys, you should buy a new one. There are plenty of dog toys designed to be challenging and engaging for your pet so that he will spend some time playing with them. For example, there are toys designed for training that can be used instead of a regular tennis ball. You can also buy a new toy if your dog is bored of its old one – getting a new toy will always be exciting for a dog! 

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5. Play With Your Dog….Again 

Yes, we’ve already mentioned this point, but we have to repeat it. Playing with your pet is one of the best ways of keeping it distracted when working from home. However, if you think that playing isn’t enough and it’s still going to disturb you while working, then we recommend you to get a treat-dispensing toy or a dog ball that is filled with food or treats and offers your pet some challenge. If it has to work hard to get the treat out of the ball or toy, it will spend a decent amount of time doing that and won’t bother you while working.

6. Take Your Dog Out For a Walk

Taking your dog for a walk is another great way of keeping it distracted when working from home. If you take your pet for a walk at least once per day, it will be tired after an hour or two and won’t bother you while working from home. If the weather is nice, then taking your dog for a walk outside can also be very beneficial for both of you – fresh air can do wonders! Otherwise, they may get bored and decided to destroy a toy.

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7. Buy a Special Collar for Working From Home

If all else fails and your dog keeps bothering you while working from home, we recommend you buy a special collar that will help distract it from this activity and focus its attention elsewhere. There are collars designed specifically for working from home that include things like squeakers or treat dispensers that will keep your pet busy for a while and won’t let him bother you while working. However, these collars will only work on completely trained dogs – if yours still acts like a puppy, they won’t work very well with him.

8. Give Your Dog Some CBD Treats

If all else fails and nothing works with your hyper dog, then we recommend CBD pet products. CBD is perfectly safe for both humans and pets and is well-known for its calming, soothing effects. CBD pet products come in oil form or treats; as you’d guess, most dogs prefer the treats! CBD will calm your dog, not sedate him or get him high! As well as putting your pooch in a more mellow mood CBD has several other health-boosting benefits.

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As you can see, there are plenty of ways in which you can keep your dog busy while working from home. However, you should always be careful not to overdo it – being too strict with your dog might turn it into a naughty and mischievous creature that will find any way to bother you. If your dog is behaving properly and you are trying to do your job while it’s around, then you should feel free to play with it or do anything else that will keep it distracted. Dogs provide companionship when working from home.

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