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Custom Pens as Promotional Items for Your Small Business

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If you’re looking to inject a little bit of fun and unique marketing into your business, customized pens might be the right item for you. Pens are popular items for a reason. They’re useful, fun to collect, easy to customize, and can make a great gift. Customers love a freebie, and running away with a pen with your name/logo on it is perfect for making a positive impression on customers. Besides, you’ve undoubtedly seen pens with company logos used as promotional items at trade shows, conferences, and other events. So, of course, they’re a fantastic and effective marketing tool for small businesses. Here’s why:

Pens Increase Brand Awareness 

Building a brand is difficult. Getting people to notice and become aware of your brand is even more challenging. That’s why most advertisements exist in the first place: to get people interested in what you have to offer. Unfortunately, you find yourself or your message being drowned in a sea of similar ones. So you need to do something unique to improve that brand awareness. Customizing pens is a great way to do this. Pens are ubiquitous. Pens are useful and something that people love. That makes them the perfect vessel for improving brand awareness. You can’t go wrong with custom pens to increase brand awareness, whether it’s ballpoint custom pens with logo, gel pens, or engraved pens.

Plenty of Customization Options 

Another reason custom pens make great promotional items is that they can be customized to fit your brand identity and marketing goals. For example, you can choose different colors, styles, and materials and add a personal message or logo design. This allows you to create something unique that will help people remember your business long after they leave the event or tradeshow floor. When customizing your pen, don’t forget to put your name and logo and some way to contact you. Otherwise, they won’t be very effective at marketing at all. Customers need to know who you are and how to get a hold of you. But other than that, have fun with the customization. You’ll find that your customers will have fun with your pens too.

Pens Are Inexpensive 

One of the primary reasons pens are a popular choice for promotional giveaways is their low cost. Because they are inexpensive to mass produce and purchase in bulk, you can buy a lot of them and either sell or give them away without worrying about their impact on your business. Custom pens will be a godsend if your business has a small budget or doesn’t really allocate a lot of time or money for advertisements. They will be a quick route to getting the word out about your business without worrying about social media, print ads, or other marketing initiatives.

People Love Freebies

Another reason custom pens are such a great deal is that people love getting free stuff. There’s nothing more delightful to a customer than getting something for free. Custom pens offer recipients the opportunity to get a useful and functional item. It’s also kind of cool without worrying about paying for it. That makes them more likely to take a few home, spread the word about the brand, distribute them themselves, and ultimately become returning business customers.

Ideal For Trade Shows

Trade show
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Trade shows are a great way to meet new people and advertise your brand in front of thousands of potential customers. If you can get a booth, it’s also an excellent opportunity to hand out promotional items like custom pens. As people go back and forth, interact, and build rapport with your business, you can get your pens as a goodwill present. When you do that, it helps to build brand awareness and cement you as a friendly vendor. Those people might be likely to give away those pens, use them, and see your logo, ultimately providing even more passive advertisement for your brand. Plus, who doesn’t go to trade shows and expect to find a little bit of swag? It’s part of what makes trade shows fun and endearing to the people who regularly attend them. Using this opportunity to advertise your business, you can ensure people will be happy and ready to visit you regularly.

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