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Dealing with Uneven Beard Growth?

Men the world over struggle with uneven beard growth. Some men find they have patches in their facial hair, and others simply find parts of the beard grow faster than others. While beard growth depends in large part on genetics, men discover ways around these common problems. Males who desire a full thick beard benefit from styling tips and tricks, products designed to promote beard growth, and more.

What Causes the Beard to be Patchy?

What causes an uneven beard
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Although genetics do play a role in beard growth, numerous other things bring about patchy growth and uneven beard growth.  Men need to know the cause of their facial hair issues. For instance, a person suffering from hormonal imbalances might notice a change in hair growth on the face. Stress impacts facial hair growth, as does a person’s diet. Fungal issues may bring about the loss of hair in this area of the body, and autoimmune conditions have been linked to uneven hair growth. Finally, dental issues could contribute to problems growing the beard you desire. It never hurts to visit a doctor to learn exactly what is going on and why.

Accept Current Hair Growth

Men may decide they don’t want to put in the time and effort needed to grow a luscious beard. Before giving up completely, though, recognize it takes time to grow a beard that you love. Often, men give up after only a few weeks and decide they will never have the beard they dream of, so they shave off their hair. Allow for more time before throwing in the towel. In fact, it’s best to wait until the hair is two or three inches long before you decide if you want to keep going or give up on having a beard. By allowing the hair to grow, you may find that the beard begins to fill in. To keep your beard groomed, make use of products available today for this purpose.
Resist the urge to trim the hair as it grows in. Doing so makes it easier to identify which areas are patchy and where the hair will cover the sparse areas. Although the beard looks awkward during this stage of the process, don’t give up. Over time, you’ll find it does fill in, and you may achieve the beard you dreamed of when you embarked on this journey.

Care for the Beard

Once the beard has achieved the desired length and thickness, make certain to care for it, so it continues to look good. A failure to do so brings about clogged hair follicles, limiting hair growth and leading to uneven growth once again. Start with beard oil to keep the hair soft and healthy-looking. Males who don’t use beard oil often complain of dry skin, itchiness, and irritation. Additionally, invest in a beard brush to make the hair look fuller while exfoliating the facial skin. This promotes good hair growth at the follicles. To enhance facial hair growth and ensure even coverage, consider using specialized tools like the Glowastica Electric Facial Massager with LED Light Therapy; visit this page to learn more about how it can benefit your beard care routine. Keep the beard trimmed, starting with the number three clipper setting, and slowly remove the hair to avoid creating new patchy areas. Use a skin moisturizer to keep the skin hydrated, as hydrated skin produces a better beard than dry skin.

Diet and a Thick Healthy Beard

Drink plenty of water
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To keep the skin hydrated, make certain you drink plenty of water every day. However, hydration remains only one part of the equation. The foods you put into your body affect hair growth as well.
Men must eat a healthy balanced diet if they want a gorgeous beard. Protein is needed because the hair in the beard is made up of keratin, a fibrous protein. When the body lacks protein, the beard tends to be dry and brittle, and the hair breaks easily. Nevertheless, the body needs other nutrients to provide the desired facial hair growth. Iron has been shown to repair cells while stimulating beard growth. In fact, a lack of iron in the body often brings about hair loss in both sexes. Avoid this problem by increasing your iron intake. Vitamins such as A and B5 are needed for optimal facial hair growth as well.
Quit smoking. Smoking can bring about hair loss and uneven beard growth. This is only one of many reasons why you should quit smoking, and many men find this is the incentive they need to kick the habit for good.

Know Your Face Shape

One reason a man’s beard might not look its best is that the style isn’t right for the man’s face shape. Men often don’t stop to consider this and lament their ability to look good with facial hair when it’s nothing more than the style they have selected. For instance, one man looks great with a biker beard while another will find it overwhelms his face and takes away from his appearance. While Duck Dynasty made the long beard popular again, quite a few men find a short beard better suits their face. Try different styles to find the one that is right for you.

Find a Good Barber

Find a good barber
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If you need help with choosing a beard style, turn to your barber for help. Additionally, if the beard is growing unevenly, don’t hesitate to ask the barber to balance the hair growth. They work with men every day and can be of great help in this area. Spend a little more if needed to work with someone experienced in beard styling and care. If you are having a hard time finding this barber, ask friends who have great beards for advice. They’ll be more than willing to share this information with you. Once you get the hang of it, all you need is one of these kits from the Beard Struggle, and you can take care of your beard maintenance by yourself.
A beard is an attractive feature for many men. However, the care of the beard determines whether it is beneficial or a drawback. Take the time to learn how to style and care for the beard to achieve your personal goals. Furthermore, if you have had a beard for a number of years, consider changing the style. You may find you look years younger or attract new people when you do so. A slight change in your appearance can make a big difference in how you look and feel. To learn why you have uneven beard growth, correct it, and have a gorgeous beard at all times.
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