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Do I need a yoga bolster?

Do you need a rice cooker? Do you need an electric kettle? Could you live with just having one plate each? Of course, you do not “need” a Yoga Bolster. Impoverished African villages are not crying out for medical aid, rice, and Yoga Bolsters. But, a Yoga Bolster does make yoga and meditation a little easier, and if you are looking to becoming a full-time yoga enthusiast, then surely you want all the right equipment?

The Benefits of a Yoga Bolster

Contrary to what the, let’s call them “Spiritual people” say, a Yoga Bolster will not help your nervous system or provide any sort of medical relief or benefit.

The benefits of a Yoga Bolster come from proper use, by which you may achieve poses and positions that are otherwise difficult to achieve. The only genuine medical benefit a Yoga Bolster may have is if you are undergoing physiotherapy. In such a case, you may be able to get yourself into positions with your bolster that you couldn’t otherwise get into without a lot of discomfort.

Getting The Proper Benefit With Correct Use

Again, there are no spinal benefits or nervous system benefits to a Yoga Bolster. Still, if you follow a good guide on using it correctly, it becomes far easier for certain poses, making the whole process a lot more convenient.

As contradictory as it sounds, using a Yoga Bolster actually saves you a lot of hassle and faffing around. Rather than trying to position a bunch of sofa cushions into the right position, you put down your bolster and work around it. It doesn’t sound elegant or spiritual, but it is the difference between having elasticated socks and having to use sock garters in terms of convenience.

A Yoga Bolster Shows a Level of Commitment

Bolsters for yoga
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Have you ever seen that middle-aged person doing karate, and she turns up in her street clothes? She says she will buy the kit, but it has only been a few weeks, and she hasn’t gotten around to it yet. Do you ever see these sorts of people achieving a black belt?

Don’t be the person wearing street clothes in a karate lesson. Do not be the sort of throwaway yoga person who does a few poses in the garden in front of their neighbors before forgetting about the whole thing and going back to paying for gym memberships that are never used.

Nobody is saying you have to turn your living room into a Zen garden, but if you are investing in your yoga sessions, it shows a certain level of commitment.

Final Thoughts – You Do Not Need a Yoga Bolster, But You Could Probably Use One

Get yourself a high-quality yoga bolster if you are looking to become a yoga enthusiast. Set out an area in your house or garden where you are free to do yoga and allow your bolster to live there. If you are going to do yoga, then jump in with both feet and stick to it. If you are not feeling the benefits, then give up, or double down and learn more. Suffice it to say that either you give it your all or you give it up. There isn’t a halfway point when it comes to yoga. When you take the half-assed approach, the only one who loses out is you.

Featured Image by Lee Green from Pixabay