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Easy Ways to Enjoy Coziness in The Bathroom

The bathroom is considered one of the coldest areas in the house. Imagine the first alert that you get from an ice-cold floor, toilet seat, or from a shower. The less than 10-second alert can take you from the land of a dream to the arctic blast. But, the good news is that this 10-second alert can also be avoided in easy ways. You can experience the same coziness in your bathroom that you were enjoying in bed throughout the night. 

Let’s know these ways;

1. Check Out Windows

Windows are the biggest culprit for allowing cold waves to enter your bathroom. In winter, the tiniest gap is enough to allow cool air to enter. Therefore, check out all the windows and ensure the glass is properly sealed. As soon as you find any issue, including window edges, fix them or replace the window with new ones. If everything is perfect, add lined curtains or heavy blinds as an extra layer of protection from the cold. 

2. Add rugs or carpet

A cold floor can seize your day. Therefore, do not give a chance to icy bathroom floor tiles to let you freeze. Add rugs or carpet to the bathroom to enjoy a nice homely feel. If you do not want to add rugs or carpet to the whole bathroom. Add them to the areas where you sit or walk. Thinking about a snazzy walk on the rugs is enough to pamper you too!!

3. Install Electric Fireplace

Many people think, is installing a fireplace in the bathroom safe or not? Remember, modern electric fireplaces are not only safe but will also give your bathroom a rich look. With the electric fireplace installation, there is no need to worry about how do I make my bathroom warm in winter. An electric fireplace is a good choice for a small space in a bathroom as mounting on the wall can solve your purpose. You can control temperature and enjoy beautiful lightning. 

4. Choose Heated Towel Rack

Heated towel rack and rug
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After a shower, wrapping yourself in a warm towel serves as an amazing experience. But, when your towel is not warm, your cozy bath experience seems vein. Therefore, do not forget to install heat towel racks or stands in the bathroom. Many people choose an electric rack that requires a nearby outlet to warm your towel. Some others are connected to the hot water system. You can ask the plumber for proper installation. Consider getting a set of sustainable bamboo towels as a nice addition to your heated towel rack.

5. Incorporate Warm Decor

Washroom interior plays a crucial role in making it comfortable. Therefore, paint walls with cozy textures. You can too add certain accessories, artwork, or more towels to the washroom. Go ahead and improve your current plumbing by setting up an electric heater on the top. Adding or updating a vanity with mirrors can add a lot of conveniences, open up space more, and/or organize bathroom supplies. You can get some great ideas by visiting the blog at Unique Vanities.

Bottom Line

Keeping a warm bathroom lets you enjoy showers in the winter. Therefore, do not forget to check leaks in windows, add cozy carpets that let you walk or sit freely in the bathroom. Also, do not leave the opportunity to make your bathroom look more elegant, and install an electric fireplace for the bathroom. More, buying a heated towel rack and incorporating a washroom decor is important to enjoy your bath. 

Featured Photo by 99.films on Unsplash