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Factors to Consider When Choosing a New Wine Cellar

Choosing the right wine cellar is important for ensuring optimal storage conditions for your collection of wines. Whether you aim to open your own wine shop or you enjoy collecting various types of wines as a hobby, a well-thought-out wine cellar can maintain the quality, taste, and clarity of your wines. 

Below, we have covered some of the key considerations to take when choosing your very first wine cellar or moving your wine cellar from its current location to another.

Dark, Cool, and Average Humidity

The light exposure and environmental temperature and humidity that your wines are exposed to influences its quality and preservation. Incorrect storage conditions can accelerate the aging process and cause wines to degrade.

Your chosen wine cellar should be dark, with very little (if any) ultraviolet light exposure. It should be around 13 degrees Celsius or 55 degrees Fahrenheit (give or take a few degrees) and between 50 and 70% humidity.  

Storage at the correct temperature and humidity prevents spoilage, premature aging, and mold growth. A great wine cellar will have a smart thermostat and humidifying system for easy maintenance of optimal environmental conditions. 

Level and Sturdy Flooring

Just like you would invest in quality flooring for your home, you need durable, sturdy flooring for your wine cellar. Barrels and bottles of wine can be heavy, so choosing a durable type of flooring that can withstand heavy masses is essential for the safety and functionality of your wine cellar. 

The flooring should also be level to prevent wine bottles from falling to the floor and breaking and to prevent trips and falls. Choosing a wine cellar with concrete or stone flooring is your best choice.

Adequate Space

Your chosen wine cellar must be large enough to safely store your wine collection. You should also consider your future needs. If you plan to expand your wine collection in the near future, keep this in mind when finding a large enough wine cellar. 

Wine cellars come in a range of sizes and shapes, so make sure you find one that suits your needs and preferences. It should be large enough to comfortably fit your wines inside without posing health and safety hazards.

Built-in Storage Options

Many wine cellars have built-in storage options, including horizontal racks and tall, upright shelving units. When searching for the perfect wine cellar, take note of the built-in storage each one has and picture how you can store your wine collection in them comfortably.

Adjustable or modular racks are helpful as they enable you to arrange the storage areas you have to suit your current range of wines or change them if and when you accumulate more bottles in your collection. If you can’t find a wine cellar with appropriate built-in storage, consider finding an empty wine cellar where you can use your own storage solutions based on your needs.