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101 Days of Christmas: “Fancy” Cookie Tins

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I’m a fan of simple packaging ideas that make a big difference, so today, I thought I’d share my two favorite ways of taking a plain ol’ tin and dressing it up into fancy cookie tins — without spray paint, glue, or anything else sticky. My dad’s wife taught me the first trick a couple of years ago, and I love the simplicity of both.

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For the fancy “lace” cookie tin, simply use a doily that extends 1/2-2″ past the edges of the cookie tin. Lay it on top of the cookies, making sure it’s centered, and secure the lid. So simple!

Cut 8 long strips of ribbon for the ribbon tin and divide them into two sets. Cross them at the bottom and then tie them together at the top. Use scissors to curl the ribbon. Easy peasy!

How do you dress up your cookie tins?

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