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Filtration for Your Home’s Water – 5 Essential Signs You Need to Look Out For

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Many of us can proudly boast that our tap water is healthy and clean enough to drink from, but is that really the case? 

While some impurities are not that harmful, some toxic impurities can cause your appliances and fixtures to look bad and super hard to clean. 

Not only that, if your water leaves a bad taste in your mouth or if your clothes are looking duller and duller every time you wash them, then chances are your water is contaminated and needs to be looked at right away. 

If you’re unsure of what signs you need to be looking out for and what you need to do, have no fear! That’s exactly where we step in. 

We’re providing five important signs you need to look out for and what kind of filtration you’ll need to use. So, let’s get right to it!  

When Should You Use a Water Filter

The idea of filtration can vary from home to home. This usually depends on the types of contaminants present in the water and how your family reacts to the water they’ve consumed. 

If your water is comparatively pure and you don’t have expensive fixtures used for your consumption, then an under-the-sink carbon filter will do just fine.

However, if there are toxins present or if the water has a high level of minerals present, then you’ll need to install a filtration system that will be able to treat water throughout your house.

Check out this list of best water filters meanwhile!

To figure out when and if your home needs a water filtration system, here are five signs you need to look out for: 

1. The Water Leaves a Bad Taste

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While you can trust your local water systems to do a good job of getting rid of harmful toxins from tap water, it’s still possible for the water to leave a bad taste in your mouth. 

Despite their best efforts of making your water healthy enough to drink straight from the tap, if it has a high mineral content or has been treated with chlorine, it could well be the reason for the water tasting bad. 

The general cause for investing in a water filtration system is bad tasting water. To enjoy a nice glass of water direct from the tap, you need to think about getting a carbon filtration system installed. 

The kitchen sink is where you should install it and distribute drinking water through a different faucet, and that’s it! You’re one step closer to getting clean and good tasting water. 

2. There’s Lead in the Water

If you’re living in a house built before the late 1980s, then there’s a high chance lead particulates are seeping into your drinking water. 

Lead was only banned from water supplies from the late 1980s, and so houses built before had lead-based pimples or used lead solder to get the joints sealed on copper pipes. 

As a result, lead, being a known toxin, is still being found in some houses, poses serious health risks, and is specifically harmful to children less than six years old.

Thankfully, nowadays, lead isn’t that difficult to get rid of from your drinking water. 

All you have to do is install an under-the-sink carbon filter underneath all the sinks in your house to ensure your water is completely lead-free and safe to drink.

3. When You’re Living On Well Water

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Some private wells are indeed capable of producing healthy, clean water. However, due to the extensive use of some chemicals and pesticides, private wells can get contaminated pretty easily.

Unfortunately, regular carbon filters won’t help remove any dangerous toxins that might still be lurking in your drinking water. 

These filters are good enough for light filtrations of things like chlorine and lead. To really get rid of dangerous toxins like nitrates, pesticides, and heavy metals, you’ll need a reverse osmosis system. Check out this guide to buy a thankless reverse osmosis system.

Reverse osmosis, or RO, is a system that will help to remove any and every toxin from your water, including carcinogens like nitrate and arsenic. Not only will your water be better tasting and crystal clear, but you can rest assured that your family is also safe from drinking any harmful toxins.

So, get your hands on it ASAP! 

4. Your Clothes Look Dull and Dingy

Are you tired of using every detergent known to man but still can’t get your clothes to look bright or your whites properly white? 

If you’re facing a problem such as this. It’s most likely your water causing this problem instead of detergents or washers. The composition of your water can play a big role when it comes to washing your clothes. 

If it is high in iron, then the water can leave behind a rusty hue to clothes that are brightly colored. Hard water such as this is also the cause of making your clothes look gray, dull, and dingy. 

A Powerful Water Treatment System

If your freshly laundered clothes show these signs, then just an under-the-sink filter won’t be enough. 

You’ll need to install a whole-house water treatment system to remove all the minerals, iron, sediments, and other contaminants that make your clothes look dull. 

A whole-house filter installed on the main water supply pipe, from where the water enters your home, can filter all the water in your home. Also, you’ll not only get water that will brighten up your clothes but also clean tastier drinking water as well! 

5. When You’re Cleaning All the Time

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All of us want to have a clean home, but it doesn’t make sense to remove depressing soap scum by regularly cleaning your shower, sink, or tub. 

This is a clear sign that your water is very hard. Hard water also makes it extremely difficult to work up a lather with shampoo or soap.

What that means is that there are high levels of magnesium and calcium present in your water. This is also preventing soap or other types of cleaners from mixing well and rinsing away with water.

As a result, there is a persisting layer of soap residue left on your bathroom fixtures, leaving them looking dirty and dull even after they’ve been cleaned so thoroughly. 

So, what you’ll need to install is a high-quality whole-house filtration system that filters out the minerals and leaves your fixtures looking sparkling clean! 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we’d like to say that we hope the points we’ve made in this article help you determine where the problem is with your water system. You get to invest in the correct water filtration system and give your family the opportunity to enjoy crystal clear, clean, and healthy water. 

In the comments below, let us know how you came to identify your problems, and don’t forget to share this with those in need! 

Featured Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay