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Get Inspired by These Wedding Invitation Trends

Wedding invitations are more than just notifications to guests about an upcoming ceremony and reception. They’re often the first look into your special day. Invites give friends and family details about the date, time, and place of the wedding. Their design provides insight into the overall theme and vibe for the event. Wedding invitations also serve as tangible keepsakes that mark a special moment in time. With such an impactful purpose, you can see why couples go all out to create a memorable invitation.   While selecting the ideal wedding invites comes down to personal preference, attention to detail, and affordability, here are a few wedding invitation trends to gain inspiration from. 

Digital Invitations

Millennials are all about convenience, simplicity, sustainability, and affordability. As such, digital wedding invitations became a fast-growing trend for couples between the ages of 25-40. Creating invites online and sending them via email served a few purposes. They’re easy to design with plenty of templates and easy-to-use platforms. They’re more affordable than paying for paper, ink, envelopes, and postage. It conserves paper and other natural resources. Not to mention, digital invitations were sent instantly, and RSVPs could be monitored in real-time. 

Sustainable Invitations

Sustainable Invitations
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Modern couples have taken an extreme interest in humanity’s impact on the environment. Realizing the importance of making a significant change, some have decided to incorporate these elements into their wedding. Those who prefer to send a physical invitation are making choices that reduce their carbon footprint. Instead of opting for traditional cardstock, they’ve opted for recycled, plant-based, or seed-based stationery. 

Couple Photos

Wanting their invitations to serve as a glimpse into their love story, many couples personalize them by incorporating photographs. Adding a picture to an invitation enhances its uniqueness. Some couples hire a professional photographer to shoot some engagement or couples shots specifically for their invitations. Others turn to their smartphones, computers, and photo albums to find images that best describe their relationship.

Pressed Flowers

Incorporating flowers into wedding invitations has been around for a while. As flowers, love, and romance often go hand-in-hand, images of roses, lilies, hydrangeas, and peonies were reasonably common. These days, however, wedding invitation trends include pressed flowers. The flowers or plants are pressed into the paper, adding depth, texture, and color. This concept is popular for couples hosting elegant, intimate weddings.

Textured wedding invitations
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Speaking of texture, couples that want to set themselves apart from others have turned to unique materials and 3D lettering. From pressed flowers and jewels to leather and suede accents, brides and grooms-to-be have gone above and beyond to give their guests something to talk about. 


Modern brides are all about the minimalist approach when it comes to planning their wedding. There’s an increased interest in showing beauty through simplicity. They believe that you don’t need to go over the top to make your moment memorable. As such, minimally designed invitations became a popular trend. Using a few images, simple fonts, straight to the point details, and basic colors, minimally-designed invitations are trendy, affordable, and surprisingly elegant. 


Another popular trend for wedding invitations this year is acrylic. Couples love how the font and images’ details on the invitation stand out on a transparent background. Print shops use laser technology to print invitations on thick sheets of acrylic. The lettering appears to pop out at you as if they’re three-dimensional, adding that extra wow factor as guests open their mail. 

From the outside looking in, a wedding invitation is nothing more than a card you send to people you want to attend your wedding. For couples planning a wedding, however, it goes deeper than that. The invitation is ultimately the first impression your guests will receive on your relationship, the ceremony, and reception. As such, it can take some time to come up with an invitation that aligns with the image, vision, and theme you’re most interested in. Hopefully, reviewing the invitation trends above gives you some insight into making your invitations unique to your special day. 

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