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History of Nuova Simonelli Espresso Machine

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According to the National Coffee Association, over 50% of Americans (meaning over 150 million people) over the age of 18 years old drink coffee as a part of their daily routine. While most of us drink coffee, not all coffee is created equally. There are many varieties of coffee, not including the many different ways that coffee can be prepared and consumed. But the very best companies who genuinely know their coffee are rare to find. Then you have espresso. Espresso is slightly thicker than coffee with a bold flavor.  It is more concentrated with a higher grounds to water ratio. You can find espresso machines manufactured by Simonelli in many offices and homes.

The Simonelli brand

The Simonelli group has been producing high-quality espresso machines in Italy since 1936. Their values are recognized in the quality of their products and their dedication to their customers. Their main principles of creation of their equipment include innovation, reliability, and dependability of their products. Not only do they create superb merchandise, but they also offer a variety of espresso machines, grinders, water filtration systems, and related equipment for your use. See their list of espresso machines and grinders here.

First Expresso Machine

Orlando Simonelli created his first espresso machine in Cessapalombo, a town within the valley of Fiastrone of the Italian region Marche. This small, mountainous town is home to many beautiful sights, including relaxing beaches and great countrysides. It holds the honor of being the birthplace of what will be Simonelli’s long line of espresso machines. In 1950, Simonelli created the ‘Selene’ machine, a technological revolution at the time. It was the first coffee machine with a continuous dispensing of water. In 1959, Simonelli created yet another innovative machine called ‘Eureka,’ supplied with an oil pump, two 5-liter boilers, and a heat exchanger, furthering his previous creations’ technology.

Expresso coffee
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New Name

In 1969, Simonelli changed management and became its current name of “Nuova Simonelli.” A few short years later, in 1973, it became the first company to produce a machine designed with families in mind. ‘Eli’ is more than just a small appliance. It allows families to introduce flavor-filled tastes into their daily life. In 1975, the first machine with electronic components was created. In 1982, ‘Mia’ was built and distributed to many local Italian families as the first modern, compact, and electronic family-oriented system. A few short years later, in 1984, the ‘Logica’ was presented, introducing itself as the easiest “just press a button and go” espresso machine yet. This creation opened the doors to the international market, creating the opportunity to grow the company and produce more high-quality goods.

Goes to America

In 1993, Nuovo Simonelli found a home base in the United States. Based out of Ferndale, Washington, the company continues to expand and create high-tech machines for its loyal customers. By 2019, Nuovo Simonelli has created an additional 11 models, breaking technological barriers with a new and improved design. Also, during this time, they celebrated 70 years of successful business, winning multiple prestigious awards and obtaining great recognition for their success and dedication to building the highest quality, reliable products they can.

How it works

If you are new to the espresso-style of coffee, this machine brews coffee by essentially forcing water to its boiling point through a brick of ground coffee, often affectionately called a “puck.” This process produces a thick, concentrated coffee ready for your tasting. A perfect espresso should be perfectly bitter, rich, and creamy with a full-flavored aftertaste.

Additional products

Nuovo Simonelli is the proud manufacturer of at least nine different espresso machines- each one reliable and unique. They have collected worldwide recognition for The Official World Barista Championship machine, the first ergonomic espresso machine, and the Compasso d’Oro model for design innovation. They now offer various other products, including panini grills, bar dishwashers, grinders, and more for their expansive customer base. They guarantee North American customers daily deliveries and a friendly, effective customer service system should you have any questions or concerns regarding your order. Their dedication to excellence and renowned recognition alone garner the utmost respect in the coffee-making industry. You will find espresso machines in many offices and homes today.

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