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Home Office Ideas For Work-At-Home Moms

Working from home is a grand achievement for anyone that wants to get out of the daily nine to five grind. It has its upsides and its downsides, sure. But all in all, the opportunity to be both a breadwinner and a Mom at your convenience is invaluable. When you bring the idea up initially, there’s this fantastical idea that you get to lounge around and do work whenever. You get to pick and choose assignments and tasks at your discretion. That may be true for some, but the vast majority of us still need some pretty stringent, albeit self-impost, workplace necessities. A big one is the home office. The home office, at its core, should be no different than any other office. It should have all the tools necessary to tackle any task that is asked of you.

Invest in a quality computer with decent specs if your work is mostly digital. You don’t need to buy a new model. There are lots of top-quality refurbished computers that work well but are so much more affordable than new ones are. Do make sure, though, that you purchase from a reliable supplier that provides a warranty and customer service contacts in case problems arise or you have questions about the unit. If you’re working from home and you do not have a designated space for your work, you’re doing yourself a disservice by not giving the job the attention it needs. You’re opening up the possibility for children to peruse and potentially draw, in crayon nonetheless, your most important documents. That must be safeguarded. But that’s not to say you can’t add a little bit of style in the process. Here are some big ideas for your home office that are both functional and aesthetically fabulous. 

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The Big Time 

For the large operation entrepreneurs that deals with multiple clients, it’s a go big or go home. Your space should be a completely separate, preferably large room, designed around your workspace preferences and client interaction. The room’s focal point should have a centerpiece like a painting or sculpture against the wall. This will be directly behind you, followed by a large desk in front of you. Make the desk larger than it has to be, and then some. Arrange the client’s chairs at an angle, not directly in front of you. This allows you to give each person the individual attention they need. It’s imperative for one to make some big changes in their living space. This may take large residential renovation and some time. A professional, in this situation, is ideal. This is an investment in client perception, and a professional remodel makes all the difference. The walls and the decor must command presence, even if you’re going for a light-hearted and fun feel. The bigness of it all projects a level of confidence that a small desk and stickered up MacBook just cannot. Clients are already a bit apprehensive about going to a home-based business. There’s less of a corporate feel to it. With this setup, you’re not just a work-at-home mom. You’re a trailblazing entrepreneur with enough moxie to separate yourself from the rest.

Outside The Box

For many of us moms, finding inspiration is a matter of going outside. Whether you’re a designer yourself or a writer, most creative endeavors benefit from the warm touch that mother nature offers us. This is why a garden office is a tremendous option for those of us that love the fresh air and can work with the ambient noise of the world around us. If you have a sizable garden or even a balcony with some wonderful greenery, setting up a table and some comfortable work chairs is pretty easy. There are three things to be wary of, though: shade, a power source, and excessive noise. If you live in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, or Makati, Manila, this may not be the best option. The noise pollution is not only bad for productivity, but it’s also bad for your health. Your head is going to have to compete with yelling tourists and strange smells. Also, if you’re facing the sun, the later afternoons will have blinding rays shot directly at your face. And why are there no electrical sockets in balconies? Who knows. But with those things considered, the beauty of just being able to be outside is a luxury that works at home Mom has. If you have the opportunity, seize it. 

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Your Own Space 

If you’re working with a small nook and a desk in your home or apartment, make it as fabulous as possible. Keeping with the theme of inspiration, situate your desk in front of a window or a wall. Whatever you derive inspiration from. Put up art or storyboards around you. Build shelving around and will it with books. Make it yours. Make every tiny detail your own, even the way you dress for work at your home office. It’s the beauty of pursuing your own path you want to exemplify. As much as possible, make it reflect your sensibilities. These smaller workspaces have the added bonus of customization. The possibilities are virtually endless. Make the area comfortable. Get a good office chair with matching foot rest for under the desk.

Choosing to work from home is a big step. Whether you’re a small business owner or a bonafide CEO of a major corporation, taking things home has its definite advantages. Not only do you have control over what and who is around you, but you also get to be close to the ones you care most about. And showing them what it means to work and take your job seriously is a lesson that will always stick. Nothing teaches a child about work ethic more than Mom putting all things aside in the comfort of her own home, explaining that from Noon to five you’ll be busy, and getting the job done. These are the examples we need to give our daughters and sons so that maybe they themselves will one day look to break away from the cubicle grind.

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