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How Does Coffee and Caffeine Affect My Mood?

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Coffee is the black or sometimes brown magical potion in front of the mind for early morning risers and enhancing their mood. 

Coffee is layered with notes of nostalgia and feeling good. The idea and smell of coffee can almost inject a little caffeine into your mornings. 

I have been drinking coffee since I can remember, probably younger than I really should have been. 

I have also worked in the coffee industry for many years across three continents, so I have seen my fair share of caffeine-induced mood swings.

Working in a fast-paced Sydney coffee bar in the CBD had its pros, no weekend work, early finishers, and a bar next door for Friday nights. The cons were the eye-watering early starts and the sudden stampede of caffeine-hungry suits at 7:30.

There was a real difference in mood between the people turning up to the cafe first thing needing their hit of caffeine compared to the folk who started later and were already onto their second coffee. 

Although coffee can make you jittery and wired, I think it can also have the opposite effect in the morning and calm you down. 

The first few sips of coffee relax the shoulders because you know that coffee will take over from here, and over the next few minutes, caffeine will start your engine. 

Drinking coffee is something that I look forward to every morning. 

I’m lucky enough to work for myself. Each morning consists of a 10-minute coffee ritual. I either grind the coffee and slowly brew a pour-over coffee while taking in the cacophony of delightful aromas that permeate from the cone-shaped V60, or I dial in my home espresso machine and make myself an espresso-based coffee.

The smell of coffee instantly changes my personality, and before I have even taken a sip, I feel slightly more energized. 

I evolved from barely being able to open my eyes into motivation and energy sitting in front of my screen. 

I find my mood changes by the minute in the morning when I have my first coffee of the day. My alarm is always set for 4:45, and the first 15 minutes are spent making the coffee and then squinting at my laptop answering a few emails. 

As soon as the coffee kicks in, my motivation soars, and I’m able to think and create. I suddenly feel sharp and alert. It is the most valuable part of my day. It’s quiet, and I have zero distractions. that is coupled with the coffee boost that fuels my creativity more than any other coffee throughout the day. 

By the time it hits mid-morning, I have a second coffee. By now, I have worked and then had breakfast, and my body needs a little boost. 

The second coffee of the day lifts me up and aids me through the morning slump. It doesn’t quite have the same effect as the first one but still does the trick. The third and last in the early afternoon carry me to the end of the day and is like a booster coffee that I don’t feel much of a buzz but certainly stops me from dipping into a lull.

On occasion, I had drunk too much coffee, particularly when I used to work in coffee shops. The feeling is tired but overly energized. My personality changes from laid back and relaxed to almost anxious and edgy. 

Overall when consumed in moderation, caffeine can certainly help to energize you throughout the day. Coffee not only motivates me but also is a source of socializing and brings me joy. 


Tom Saxon
Tom Saxon

Bio: Tom Saxon is the co-founder of Batch Coffee. He has been working in the specialty coffee industry for over ten years throughout the world and in many parts of the supply chain.  Website: Facebook: @batchcoffeeukTwitter: @batchcoffeeuk

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