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How To Be Healthier: All the Ways You Didn’t Consider

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One thing everyone can agree is important for living a good life is being a healthier self. That means you need to pursue health by taking steps that improve your wellness. There are a lot of ideas online and among health professionals about how you should be focusing on your body’s upkeep—enough ideas that it feels like you simply can’t incorporate all of them. So which are the most important? If you’d like to learn about ways you can be more healthy that you might not have considered before, keep reading. Here are some simple focuses you can incorporate into your life to prioritize your health and wellness.

Focus on Your Cellular Health

Cellular health might be a new term to you and is probably not something you’ve spent much time considering, but it’s a crucial factor in your overall wellness. You are made up of trillions of cells, like every other living thing. Your cells are the backbone of your wellness since they establish your body’s composition. In fact, every health concern can be traced back to a cellular level. When your cellular health is not where it should be, you’ll see and feel the effects on your body, and yet, since the health of cells is not frequently discussed, people often don’t consider repairing their bodies on a cellular level when they’re sick.

Did you know that part of aging is a collapse of your cells? To be healthier, you should focus on your cellular health for wellness maintenance and illness prevention. When you age, it’s a natural process that your cells lose some of their strength, leading to more health issues and the side effects of growing older. But no matter your age, you can take steps to maintain the resilience of your cells.

A large part of your cellular health is what you eat. Fill your diet with nutritious whole foods and aim to eat dark leafy greens along with all the colors of the rainbow. Avoid consuming too much processed food and alcohol. Also, you can eat more of the saturated fatty acid known as pentadecanoic acid, as it helps reinforce your cells.

Consider Your Carbohydrates

While carbs often get a bad rap as something to avoid, they are essential for getting energy through glucose. The three macronutrients composing foods and beverages are carbs, fats, and proteins, so it’s hard to avoid carbs completely and would be an unhealthy step. However, you can consider the types of carbohydrates you’re consuming to be healthier.

There are simple (or refined) carbs and complex carbs. Simple carbs lack nutritional value because of the way they’re processed to remove their vitamins, minerals, and fiber content. You can find these “empty” carbs in foods made of white flour, desserts, sweets, and other sugary and processed foods. On the other hand, complex carbs provide you with the fiber and vitamins simple carbs are missing. Focus on eating unprocessed fruits, whole grains, and starchy vegetables like corn or potatoes (but eat starches in moderation). 

Exercise Daily but Don’t Overdo It

You already know that daily exercise is extremely important to your health, and any amount you can get matters. Even if you only take a walk around the block or engage in some vigorous cleaning, your body and mind will thank you for the movement. One thing you might not hear as much is that too much exercise and pushing yourself too hard can have contrary effects on your wellbeing. 

exercise daily
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Yes, you should engage in movement daily, but your workouts shouldn’t take up most of your time. Equally as important to your health is balancing your exercise with your rest. When you consider the motivations behind your exercise, you can often pinpoint an issue. If you’re constantly pushing yourself to lose weight and overdoing your exercise, you might be surging your stress hormone and damaging your health. Consider why you need to exercise and try to do it for beneficial reasons.

Eat Mindfully

You can improve your health through what you eat and how you eat. The art of mindful eating has you finding enjoyment in your meals. When you approach food this way, you’ll select healthier options, eat slower and enjoy your food more, and stop when you’re getting full. Mindful eating can help you stay full for longer since you’re intentional about what you fill up on; you’ll also feel as though you’ve eaten a nutritious meal, rather than absently convincing yourself you’re hungry all day and snacking.


It’s never too early or too late to start focusing on your overall health and wellbeing. Your health is one thing you can control through the steps you add to your routine. Fortunately, there are easy changes you can implement that make a big difference in how you feel and how you age. You might not have heard the above suggestions before, but they require minimal effort for big results—a healthier you!

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