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How To Choose a Scissor Lift Trolley

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Scissor lift trolleys and mobility lift trolleys give enhanced levels of safety and productivity for a business. The trolleys aid in stopping common injuries that happen when lifting and retrieving items at high levels or even off the floor. They can enhance safety and provide a simplified and efficient process for people working at different platform heights. When it comes to a mobility lift table, this stops the need for workers to often reach up and even down at the time of storing stock and moving items. 

If you want to buy scissor lift trolley in Australia or the area you are in. You need to keep some points in mind to get a trolley that will work well in your particular workplace and for your staff.

Why get a scissor lift trolley?

A scissor lift trolley or table can provide you with the potential to position loads to varying heights. The hydraulic lift tables tend to be fast and simple to operate. This is even if you select a manual scissor lift trolley, the battery-operated lift table, or even an electric platform lift. 

Types of lift tables

They are two main types of hydraulic lift tables, i.e., mobile and static. The purpose you are employing it for will help you figure out the one you require. 

The mobile scissor lift tables or scissor lift trolleys tend to be totally mobile upon castor wheels letting the operator position loads to the needed location and then lift these into position. This is with a hydraulic foot pump or even battery lifting control. The manual lift tables are better for occasional use, and the battery-operated lift tables are best for frequent and effortless lifting applications. 

The static scissor lift tables are made for stationary and single-location lifting applications powered by some three-phase electrical supply. 

You can keep the following in mind when selecting which scissor lift table to get:

Size of your load

Figure out what weight it has to handle. You also need to know the sizes of the loads you need to move. The lift table has to be able to perform the job. 

Needed lift height

Here you should keep in mind where you will be moving the loads and how high these have to go. 

Area of use

The area in that you will be employing the scissor table matters. Find out if any restrictions are present for where you want to employ the lift table. Check to see if there are environmental obstructions or if there is open space present to maneuver the mobile units. 

Type of load

The load type that you have matters. You may work with pallets, sheet materials, loose goods, etc. 

Operation features

Here you have to know how many lifts you will probably be doing per shift. If it is viable to use a manual scissor lift within a busy working environment, only then should you get it. The manual operation, one should not place unnecessary pressure upon those who are utilizing the lifting trolley. 

The above are some points to keep in mind when looking for a scissor lift trolley. You should also see if there is an area where you can charge your lift table or some power supply for the electric scissor lift table. 


Edmolift AB, CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons