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Image by Andreas Lischka from Pixabay

Electric Vs Manual Pallet Trucks: What Should You Prefer?

As someone who works, owns or manages pallet trucks, you must have heard of pallet trucks. The hot topic in the industry today is whether you should get electric or manual pallet trucks. As these trucks are not usually cheap to buy, it is important to have done your research completely before you buy one. So, let us start from the very beginning. 

What Is A Pallet Truck? 

A powered pallet truck is a truck that consists of electric motors that helps it move pallets. These trucks are made for warehouses and storage workspaces. Pallet trucks are used to carry or lift pallets within the walls of a warehouse.  

A Fair Comparison Between Manual And Electric Pallet Trucks. 

There are two types of pallet jacks you can buy; manual or electrical. Manual or pedestrian pallet trucks are ideal for smaller spaces, while electric pallet trucks are ideal for larger warehouses. However, there’s more to it than this.  

Electric Pallet Trucks.  

Electric pallet trucks are completely automatic and often bigger than pedestrians or manual trucks. Find the best electric pallet trucks at Adaptalift Group for an amazing price.  

An electric pallet truck offers the following advantages to its users. 

  • Easier To Work With. 

They are automatic and hence, very easy to operate. A driver does not need professional training or a license to work with an electric pallet truck like a forklift

  • Less Fatigue. 

Electric trucks are amazing for lazy people. Since these are automated machines, require a person to execute much less physical strength to work with them. Power-assisted lifting allows users to avoid any type of injury. 

  • No Weight Limit. 

These power-operated machines have the strength to power or operate heavier weights with ease. The Jack will easily lift even 5,000 lbs.  

  • Greater Productivity. 

Since electric pallets are power generated, they are very productive and can work many hours. These can move around the warehouse and lift weights much longer than manual electric pallet trucks.  

  • More Expensive. 

One of the cons of electric pallet trucks is that they are more expensive than manual trucks. However, they have great value for money and are guaranteed to be worth the money. 

  • Higher Maintenance Cost. 

Since these are complex machines with a complex systems, they are more like to have issues. Maintenance cost is higher than manual trucks.  

Manual Pallet Trucks. 

A manual pallet truck is ideal for smaller spaces and offers the following pros and cons.  

  • Less Expensive: 

Cost-wise, manual is much cheaper than electric trucks. 

  • Low Maintenance Cost: 

Since manual trucks do not have any complexities, they have little to no maintenance costs. 

  • Customizable:

Manual pallet trucks can be customized and bought according to your requirements. They come in different fork lengths, widths, different fork heights, etc. 

  • Weight Limit.  

Manual pallets can not carry much weight and have their own limitations. 

Featured Image by Andreas Lischka from Pixabay