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How to Choose the Best Running Shoes for Your Foot Type

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Finding the best running shoes can be daunting if you don’t know what you are looking for. There are numerous styles, brands, models, and technologies of running shoes that can stir up your decision-making ability. Before you buy your new pair of shoes it is essential to know the little details to choose the perfect shoe that will be with you over the next hundred miles. Below are five simple steps that will help you choose the best running shoes.

Get the right fit. 

This is the only factor that you should consider when choosing a running shoe. Not only will a running shoe that does not fit make your running experience awful and painful, but it will lead to injury. To ensure you choose the right shoes, try fitting the shoes in the evening, which will provide a more accurate fit, make sure the foot comfortably wraps around your foot to ensure there is no sliding or pinching. Look for the right width D for men and B for women are the standard shoe widths. Also, when fitting, leave a thumbs width in front of your toe that will help with accommodating foot spread.

Choose a specific running shoe. 

Running shoes are manufactured using specialized technology that makes running easy. When you are running, your foot will hit the ground the same with every step, and running shoes will help you maintain this motion. Running shoes offer specific cushioning that helps with absorbing the shock, and this helps prevent injury from the repetitive motion of your feet while running. Running shoes have specific features that help the runner move forward with so much ease without putting much on the toes. Choose a shoe that will give you stability by choosing the one with a wider last and dual-density foam to keep your foot on the neutral stride.

Select the right type of running shoe. 

Manufacturers design running shoes for specific purposes. Thus, you should choose a running shoe depending on the type of running you want to do. The different kinds of running shoes are; everyday running shoes- are most durable and can withstand all the running that most people do, lightweight running shoes. It is best for faster races, less durable and less cushioned, and trail running shoes, designed to run on rocky trails and dirt and have a better grip because of the lugs and are more durable.

Know what you are paying for. 

The higher the running shoe price, the more comfortable and technology it will provide to the runner. However, you don’t have to buy the most priced running shoe for you to enjoy your run. Inexpensive running shoes are not designed with running features, and they might not live up to the demands that running may place on them. When it comes to running shoes, ask if they offer any discounts and you may be surprised to save some money from the discounts offered.

Know the little details about running shoes. 

Here are the nitty-gritty details about running shoes that you must understand when choosing running shoes.

Stack height. This is the material between the ground and your foot. It ranges from minimal cushioned barefoot to highly cushioned.

Heel-toe offset. 

This is the difference between the material under the heel and the material under the forefoot of a running shoe. The majority of running shoes have more material under the heel to absorb the shock of landing and to accommodate a stride that the heel touches the ground first.

Pronation control. Probation classifies running shoes as either stable or neutral. Most running shoes are neutral and are the best for most runners.

Final thoughts

Now that you know how to choose the best running shoes for your foot type, it is time to try brooks neutral running shoes. The best way to get the perfect running shoe for your foot type is to seek the services of an expert who is highly specialized in running and uses the most advanced technology.

Featured Image by Couleur from Pixabay