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How To Create and Display A Creative Wedding Hashtag

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Social media is the perfect way to share your special day with the world. It’s all about sharing moments from your life with friends and loved ones; who doesn’t want the world to know how happy you are to marry the love of your life with as many people as possible. There are only so many people you can invite to a wedding. Not everyone will be able to attend your big day and share in the celebration. On top of this, your big day will be stressed and focused on other planning for the big day. You definitely won’t have time to stop and spend time with everyone at the big event. This is where social media can step in and help you out through creative wedding hashtags. Through status updates, pictures, videos, and stories, you can piece together the different parts of your special day and share them with those who couldn’t be there. Social media is a great tool to aggregate all those fun pictures and videos taken by all the guests present sharing on social media.  

How To Create Your Wedding Hashtag

Use your name, either your full name or some combination of first last, or even your nickname. This allows your friends and family to search for your pictures online. Some Examples might be #tonyandmary #marywedding or #buckandjaney. When selecting your hashtag, find ways to make your hashtag fun, bringing a little extra excitement to those searching for your pictures after the big day. Jaz it up and be unique; the sky is the limit. 

Get Creative Wedding Hashtag For Your Special Day

For your big day,  create a special wedding hashtag that has meaning to you and your soon-to-be spouse or something that will be heartwarming for your friends and family to visit after the wedding. Have a brainstorming session and find a hashtag that will evoke loving and fond memories for those viewing your special day moment. Find a theme that will invoke memories and special memories for those who know you; you can even use special moments that bring back fond memories in your relationship. Think about the details of your big day that are significant to you, where you met, how the proposal went down, common interests, personal jokes, or where you are getting married

Remember, when creating your hashtag, its whole purpose is to create a label for your special day. Make the label/Hashtag personnel invoke celebratory feelings for those visiting your pictures. If you go the classic route and pick a hashtag 

That explains the big day like taking your names and the year and making it simple and sweet, something like #Kenandsallywedding2022. Or, if you are a fun-loving couple who enjoys the lighter side of life, come up with a uniquely yours hashtag. Pick something that fits your personality!

Creative Wedding Hashtag Conclusion 

The ultimate reason for choosing a hashtag for your wedding is to collect all the special fun moments of your big day for posterity. It’s a fun way to involve all your guests in capturing all the special moments of your big day and posting online for all to see. It’s the perfect way to get many perspectives and capture all those fun moments in one place for all your friends and family to view after the big day. Enjoy your day and create lasting memories to view after.

Here are parting tips you can use with your wedding hashtag:

  • Make sure your hashtag is on all invitations; this encourages your guests to contribute.
  • Post your hashtag on a sign visible to all at the wedding so they can join in
  • Include your hashtag in all photos; this allows guests and wedding members to keep track of your special day.

Featured Image by Susan Cipriano from Pixabay