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How to Create Custom Mugs

Buying gifts can be quite expensive, especially if you are a mother who has other expenses on your mind. This does not mean that you cannot give your child a personalized gift that is both beautiful and easy to make. You can buy plain mugs at very reasonable prices from various places. You can also get your child personalized coffee mugs with a name and a picture of their favorite character. You should also go through the following steps to add more creativity to your personalized mug.

There are different ways to customize any mug that you have. Even if you are not planning on gifting it to anyone, you can still have fun revamping old mugs that you own to look more colorful and make them more meaningful to you.

1. Printing

One of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to customize a mug is by printing out a picture on it. Whether it is a picture of you and your loved one or a photo of something you love, printing makes the custom mug look like you bought it from a store because of how flawless it will look. You can have a custom printed mug by buying it online or by going to a print shop where you can ask whether such a service is available or not.

2. Ceramic markers

Although a bit on the expensive side of ways to decorate a mug, buying ceramic markers to customize a mug is one of the easiest and most fun methods. To customize a mug using ceramic markers you first have to make sure that the mug you plan on customizing can be cured in the oven without cracking or breaking all together. After ensuring the safety of the mug, you then draw out the design onto it. For example, if the person you are gifting the mug loves superheroes, you can draw out their favorite hero’s symbol. You can be very creative using markers because you have full control over what you want the mug to look like. Writing the person’s name on a mug or a message that you want to give them is also a great way to personalize the mug even further. 

3. Water marbling

This method is very whimsical because each mug you customize using water marbling will turn out totally unique. To have a custom water marbled effect on your mug, you need a large container that you can dip your mug into. You also need to fill the container up with room temperature water and have your desired color scheme ready. To water marble, you need to pour a little amount of one color of nail polish, and then follow that with another color until you have the desired color effect. After that, you should carefully dip your mug into the water being extra cautious to not get the lip of the mug into the nail polish. This is to ensure that the mug is safe to drink out of in the future. You could also just use nail polish or ceramic paint to draw on your mug, but it will not be as fun as water marbling is.

4. Stencils

 If you are not into drawing or feel like you are not good at it, you do not have to worry. You can still customize the mug you want using different stencils. Stencils are great because they limit the room for error. You do not have to worry about lines or letters being crooked or drawings looking bad. If you think the person receiving the mug from you would appreciate a more professional looking mug trying out stencils to customize mugs will be a better route to take than drawing and water marbling which have a more handmade look to them. Stencils come in all shapes and sizes. They can be cheap or expensive depending on what you are looking for in terms of material and quality, but you do not have to spend a lot for the mug you are customizing to look great.

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Be as creative as possible

The thing about customizing a mug is that the more creative you are, the better your mug will be. If you plan on using it yourself or gifting it to someone, having the mug as a creative art piece will make it a great conversation starter. Be warned though, the moment you start customizing mugs, it will be hard to stop.

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