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How To Keep Sheets on Your Bed: No More Sliding!

Restful and sound sleep is possible only in comfortable conditions. Too hard bed, uncomfortable pillow, slipping sheet, hot blanket – all these little things can easily ruin a night’s rest. But any of these problems can be solved so that the sheet does not slide off the mattress. Sheets of the highest quality, such as luxury bedspreads, rarely slip. But if you do meet with such a phenomenon, we have put together a few simple life hacks in this article.

Rubber bands

1st way to fix the problem:

When buying a mattress with a Jacquard or Synthetic Jacquard top fabric, do not forget to buy the Elasticated Sheet. It is such an accessory that it will save you from slipping, and the sheet will stay in place.

Pros of using an elasticated sheet:

  • a suitable firmness of the mattress remains
  • economical option elimination of slip problem
  • cleanliness of the mattress from external influences

2nd way to fix the problem:

If the “sheet with an elastic band” does not help and the mattress still slips, you can put a suitable one. The recommended width of the mattress topper is from 2 to 5 cm. Choose the mattress topper materials from cotton so that slipping on a mattress with a synthetic surface will go away.

“Thin mattresses” need to be heavier to place on a sofa or bed. Such products will help you feel comfortable again and eliminate slipping on a new mattress.

Some manufacturers prudently produce sheets with elastic bands in the corners. They are easily fixed to the edges of the mattress and stay securely on it.

If your kit is not equipped with such fasteners, you can sew them yourself. To keep the fabric well on the mattress, choose a wide elastic band and sew it strictly at an angle to form an isosceles triangle.

Another way to secure the sheet to the mattress with an elastic band is to sew it around the entire perimeter. In this case, the sheet should be slightly larger than the dimensions of the bed. It is advisable to have a margin of at least 5-10 cm on each side of the hem where you insert the elastic tape.

Previously, people eliminated the problem of slipping on the mattress with uncomfortable and thin cotton mattresses. Nowadays, mattress makers have found more profitable ways to eliminate this problem, which will help not only save you money but also make your sleep comfortable for the whole family. Everyone will be able to use their favorite silk underwear and not slide off the mattress.

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The easiest and most reliable way is to fix the product with special clamps-holders. What is it? Highly elastic wide band with metal or plastic clips at the ends.

Kits of fixing modules are produced by domestic, Chinese, German, or English manufacturers. They are quite cheap and are made in different versions:

In clamps with two clips, the elastic bands, when fully stretched, reach a length of 30 cm for corners and up to 1.5 m for completely under the mattress. When installed, an elastic tape is attached on one side of the canvas, passed under the mattress, and attached opposite – on the other part. Double clamps are used for fastening in four corners.

In triple holders, the middle clip is fixed in the corner. They are convenient not only for bedding items on beds but also for bedspreads, rugs on sofas. Such holders fix baby bedding well. They are safe and do not cause allergic reactions.

All clamp options hold the canvas very firmly. If they are loose, then simply increase the distance of the clamps from the corner. The holders are not visible from the outside. The sides of the bed additionally press. Therefore they do not unfasten.

Holders are made according to the principle of crocodiles for curtains or clasps in a grandmother’s bra. They grab the fabric from the inside and outside and prevent it from sliding out. For this purpose, you can also use special clamps, grabbing the fabric of the sheet and the body of the mattress on the sides.

Handy tools that hold the sheet on the bed

If you do not have the opportunity to purchase factory-made sheet clamps, you can use the available tools. They are not reliable enough, but they will help when the need arises. They can be simple and even unexpected things:

  • Clothespins-holders from curtains or small office clips. Take 4 or 6 for each side. Attach the edges of the sheet to the mattress. Rings from clothespins must be detached so that they do not cling to the fabric;
  • elastic bands or loose ribbons are sewn from each edge of the canvas at an equal distance from the corner of the mattress;
  • a sheet tucked from all sides far under the mattress;
  • Fabric valance is made with a sewn-in thick elastic band. It is put on over the sheet, pressing it around the perimeter of the bed;
  • Adhesive tape, buttons, loops.

Featured Photo by Teresa Howes from Pexels