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How to Locate Someone’s Location Using Their Phone

We live in an era when it is possible to keep track of the whereabouts of someone you need to keep an eye on easily. Many spy apps are built to do the job of knowing someone’s location you want to spy on, very simple. But the problem is that there are too many of them and it becomes difficult for someone with no knowledge to choose one.  

I have checked several spy apps and have come up with the best spy app to recommend to you guys after testing over a dozen of them. Most people need to know the location of their cheating spouse or their employee to make sure that they are doing their job properly. Here’s a blog post on spy apps that can help you know more about the different options you can choose from.  

Part 1: The Best App For Knowing Someone’s Location

After much research and testing, I have found that MinSpy is the best spy app out there when it comes to knowing a person’s location. MinSpy is a very popular app that millions trust and they have been featured by Forbes, TechtImes, iLounge, and others. 

I have checked all free and paid apps, and I would rank MinSpy the highest. With most free apps, you can trust them with the data, and when you compared MinSpy to other paid spy apps, MinSpy would always be a clear choice. MinSpy is very easy to use, and it has many other great features other than knowing the location that makes it the best spy app. 

Part 2: What Makes MinSpy the Best?

As I said earlier, you would have many choices when deciding to pick an app to know the location of someone. But, nothing could compare to MinSpy because of the amazing features that you would get with MinSpy. 

2.1 Knowing the Location in Real-Time

MinSpy provides the exact location of the person you want to track. It comes with a user-friendly dashboard that you can easily navigate and see where someone is going. MinSpy tracks a person by using their GPS and their WIFI activity, ensuring that the data you see is accurate. 

You can see the recently visited places of someone whenever you log in to your MinSpy dashboard. MinSpy is integrated with Google 3D street view, which would you get a more visual image of where they are. 

2.2 Data Protection

The problem with most location tracking apps is that you can’t trust them. MinSpy is a very reputed company, and they have a very strict policy that keeps the data of the person you are spying on safe. MinSpy doesn’t store any personal information like credit card credentials, sensitive information, and others. 

MinSpy ensures that only you can view the information of someone you are spying on from your dashboard. Other than you and the person authorized by you, not even MinSpy’s employees can access that data. The server of MinSpy is protected by one of the best security systems in the world, which ensures the safety of valuable data. 

2.3 Can be Used on Android and iPhones 

MinSpy is a popular app with good ratings in both Google Playstore and Appstore. People love using MinSpy to track the location of someone because you don’t need to know anything technical to use MinSpy. 

Millions of users love using MinSpy and trust it to spy on someone. The Icon of MinSpy would disappear as soon as you install the app on the android device. The person you are tracking would have no clue that he is being spied on. 

2.4 Many Other Features

MinSpy comes with many other interesting features that give you an option to keep a close eye on the person you are tracking. You would be able to see all the text messages and the person’s social media messages. You would just need to install the app once, and you get all the information from your dashboard. 

MinSpy also has several pricing options that you can choose from based on your needs. MinSpy offers amazing service at a very reasonable price which helped them grad new customers and kept them for a long time. 

Part 3: How To Install MinSpy on Someone’s Phone?

Before you can spy on someone using MinSpy, you need to install the app on their phone. For iPhone, you won’t even need to install the app on their phones which we will talk about more later. I would recommend watching the free live demo video that would familiarize you with the interface and give you a good idea about the whole process. 

3.1 Installing MinSpy on iPhone

One of the best things about using MinSpy for iPhone is that you won’t have to jailbreak the iPhone for spying on someone. As I mentioned earlier, you don’t need to install the app on the iPhone manually as long as you have the iCloud credentials. 

You would first need to create an account with MinSpy and subscribe to one of their subscription plans. The next step would be to give the iCloud credentials, so the iPhone can be traced. Finally, you would just need to press the start button enabling you to check the messages and know the person’s location from your favorite browser. 

3.2 Installing MinSpy on Android

While most apps would require you to root the android phone, you won’t need to do any such thing before installing MinSpy. You can install MinSpy to any android mobile or tablet phone as long as the OS is four or higher. 

You would need to first get a MinSpy account and subscribe to one of their plans. Next, you would need to install the app on the android phone but don’t worry. The icon would disappear as soon as you install it. The last step is to press the start button, and then you would monitor the activity from your computer or laptop using any browser. 


Making sure that you know someone’s location without making them aware was something only spies could do. Today no app can do it better than MinSpy. It is the perfect choice for you to track the location of someone and get useful details of that person without raising any suspicion. 

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