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Why Working Parents Need FamiSafe Parental Control App.

Sometimes, parents get minimal or no time to watch over their kids. This isn’t out of negligence or ignorance, but conditions push them to do so. As a parent, it’s vital to ensure your kid’s safety. The children’s location determines their safety, but very few parents can afford to spend all their time with kids. You have to go to work or sometimes attend classes, and hence they have to remain behind as you go. Some parents even fly overseas, but this doesn’t mean you ignore your child’s safety.

Before technology brought location trackers, parents could only leave their kids with caretakers, neighbors or take them to a daycare center to pick them in the evening. Additionally, parents could drive home over lunch breaks to check on their children’s whereabouts. This was impossible where the workplace is located far from home.

Fortunately, the technology brought us an affordable way of tracking our kids’ location. Parents have an array of options to select whenever they want to know their kids’ whereabouts. Among the most convenient ways is the use of the FamiSafe parental control app. The app is efficient and valuable in different ways for parents who care about their children. This easy-to-use app developed by Wondershare is compatible with smartphones running on iOS and Android operating systems.

Feature of FamiSafe.

Wondershare developed the FamiSafe application after considering all parental control issues affecting parents. That’s why it has unique features to ensure users’ convenience. All are reliable and highly useful. This is different from most other competitor apps, which have efficiency issues. Let’s look at these features in detail:

Live Location Tracking.

The FamiSafe parental control app is different from other parental control apps. It has an inbuilt live location feature that lacks in most competitor apps and software. This is considered the most useful feature of this app and helps you track a cell phone and see its location. When you open the app on your phone, you will automatically see a map showing your kid’s location. It doesn’t require you to follow confusing steps to see your children’s location. It doesn’t matter where you are located in the world to access their location.

The app also allows parents to create a Geofence, which is a safe location for their kids. The app will always send a notification to your phone when the child walks in or leaves the Geofenced zone.

Browsing and Location History.

This is another vital feature in the FamiSafe parental control app. It allows parents to countercheck the websites that their kids visit in their absence. Whether your kids intentionally or unintentionally open sites that have unhealthy content, you should block them immediately. You should also use the browsing history record to know the sites they visit frequently and establish the reasons.

Parents also receive the location history of their kids. The map that shows the places visited by your children indicates the time when the kids were at a particular location. Using this information will help you to know the kid’s favorite sites. You can block any of the sites that you consider unsafe for your kids remotely using your phone.

Detecting Harmful Content.

Do you know your children can receive pornographic content on their phones as messages on social apps? If that happens, the parent is notified immediately. The harmful content can be in the form of photos and videos. Some malicious internet users can sometimes send such content to children or may be shared in groups on WhatsApp or Facebook.

FamiSafe Subscription Plans.

Any parent who downloads the FamiSafe parental control app has three days to use the app at no cost. These days allow you to learn how to use various features and ascertain their effectiveness. If you don’t like the app within these three days, you’re free to cancel your subscription, and no deduction is made from your card.

Because Wondershare factors parents of all economic classes, they offer three distinct subscriptions. You are supposed to pick the one that favors you most. The three plans also support a varying number of gadgets. The monthly plan costs $9.99 and supports five phones. Wondershare also offers a quarterly plan at $19.99 and an annual plan for $59.99.

Where to download FamiSafe

Depending on the type of smartphone you use, the app is available on App Store and Google Play Store. Parents can also get the app on Amazon Store and download it to their phones. The good thing is that it’s free to download this app on any of the three platforms. Download it today and track a mobile phone to see your children’s live location.


After knowing all of this information, it’s time to think of your children’s safety. If you have been struggling with ineffective parental control apps or software, try the FamiSafe parental control app. With its highly sophisticated features, this app will help you improve your kids’ safety by providing you with their live locations, location history, browsing history, and detecting harmful content. The app is also helpful in screen time control because it allows you to block apps on your kid’s phone using your phone. Get it today, and I’m sure you will find me for a “thank you” someday.

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