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How to maintain a healthy blood pressure level in children and seniors

Living healthy is one of the major aspects of life we all need to focus on. Staying healthy, however, is not as costly as trying to get better when sick. So, it’s advisable that you maintain your normal state of health and do all it takes to stay fit. One of the most complicated forms of sickness is one connected to the heart, blood pressure. In this case, it’s very fragile in children and adults and should be treated with the utmost attention. There are various means of maintaining an average blood pressure level, and these means range from exercises to taking daily precautions and rituals. For children, it might be as simple as staying away from certain food items, and as an adult, it could be as simple as limiting your food intake, especially salt. 

Blood pressure values, when too high, will lead to hypertension, and that’s common in both seniors and children alike. You must have heard that hypertension is an ailment for seniors. Well, that’s a myth. The point is, it can affect anybody, including young adults and teenagers. You just have to stay healthy and always go for check-ups when necessary.

How to Measure Your Blood Pressure Level?

Don’t leave the details to health practitioners alone; you should also understand how to measure your blood pressure. Peradventure, you might want to ask, “What is blood pressure?” It is also known as hypertension, and it’s the condition when the heart encounters difficulty pumping blood against the walls of the artery through the blood circulates. You must note that the higher this difficulty, the higher the blood pressure, hence, hypertension. 

Normal blood pressure is one of 120 over 80 or 120/80 mm Hg in adults. The first figure, 120, is the blood pressure when the artery pumps the blood out, while the second, 80, is the heart’s beats at rest. There are standards in measuring blood pressure in adults; hence, it’s pretty easy to diagnose an adult with blood pressure. However, it’s a little complicated for children. The reason is that children do not have a universal cut-off for measurements of blood pressure. Instead, it is compared to his peers’ blood pressure, determined by height, gender, and age. However, it should be noted that blood pressure is in stages in both children and adults, and each stage has its peculiarities. Stage 2 is the most critical; hence, be sure you go for regular check-ups and drink herbal tea like the blood pressure tea to help manage healthy blood pressure levels.

Blood pressure monitoring
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How to Prevent Yourself from Being Hypertensive

As mentioned above, don’t be too sure of yourself or rely on good medical attention when you are sick. Instead, aim for prevention before the situation exacerbates. You can be careful not to consume anything that might increase your tendency of being hypertensive. So, yes! Go for prevention; then you go for the professional cure. So, how can this be done? 

Regular Medical Check-ups 

As an adult, this can never be over-emphasized. Most individuals find it somewhat stressful to visit the hospital without being sick. This is not advisable; you should visit the clinic for medical check-up and general body maintenance at least twice a month to stay safe. Make sure you know your blood pressure at least every two weeks. If possible, have the machines in your home to make it relatively effortless. In fact, there are several mobile gadgets that you could strap to your arms; after doing some push-ups, it measures your blood pressure, amongst others. 

Blood Pressure Tea

Here’s another effective means to help sustain healthy blood pressure levels. You can take this tea any time of the day, just like your regular tea. Because of its natural ingredients, when taken as prescribed, it will help manage your blood pressure level. Be sure you are always doing some minor exercises, as they also help burn fats. Instead of drinking juice, you could supplement it with blood pressure tea. At least maintain this routine for a week or two.

Normalize Exercise

The same way going for check-ups is preached, don’t forget to always go for a jog or hit the gym. You could add it to your daily ritual. But, be sure you are constantly breaking free from every fat whatsoever. 


It is important to note that hypertension in children most times is probably by heredity. Hence, it might be somewhat tricky to prevent. However, a regular check-up is one sure way of finding out quickly and swinging to action as soon as possible.

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