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Bringing Your Exercise Routine A Little Closer to Home

Lockdown has been mentally challenging for much of the population. For some, it has been about not being able to go to work. Others, it has been about not being able to go to the pub. For many people, it has also been about not being able to get to the gym. Having an indoor exercise routine has never been more important. The popularity in search terms online for healthy eating, personal football coaching, and sports massages went through the roof. People were exercising from home and injuring themselves in the process as they didn’t plan accordingly, hence the sports massage searches!

Daily Disruption in your exercise routine

If you are developing your indoor exercise routine, you’ll probably try and replicate what you did in the gym. With the gyms being closed or feeling uncomfortable going there, you can’t get that normal sensation you usually do. This means you have to develop your own indoor exercise routine with the equipment you have available. Some people opted to switch from weights to cardio. This is okay if this is what you want to do. People broke Strava records on the amount of running they had done. However, cardio isn’t for everyone, so how do you have an exercise routine working from home. 

Fitting fitness and other exercises into a work-from-home schedule are not always easy. At the start, although the circumstances weren’t great, people loved keeping fit as it was keeping them occupied but also giving them relief. It was something different. Something new. Pushbike sales went through the roof. Nowadays is a different story, though. No one wants to go outside because, well, this is Britain, and it is very cold. Exercising is certainly not as popular as it once was. So, what will bring that spark back?

Running routine
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Developing your own exercise routine

Having your daily routine messed around with throws a lot of people off balance. It is important whether you are exercising indoors or braving the cold that you keep to a schedule. It will be tempting to get up late and sit in your pajamas all day. You need to try and avoid this and keep to your normal schedule, though. Get up as though it was a normal day. If you used to go to the gym in the morning, make sure this is the time you exercise. If you went to the gym after work, make sure you still get up for work at times you normally would. 

There needs to be a sense of normality that helps you to stay focused. Obviously, bringing your exercise routine is not normal, but the timing is. You may not end up spotting for someone else and having that gym chat, but you can still release endorphins. 

It’s the same, really, as those who are missing out on their Sport. When the second lockdown happened, 1-2-1 football coaching was canceled. Young children were missing out on a sense of playing football and developing their skills and ability. Some of them may now lose interest or fall behind. An indoor exercise routine consisting of stretching the muscles and keeping the mind focused should help resolve this. 

How to train at home

Cardio Capital offers some great tips on how to keep your brain and body focused with an indoor exercise routine. If you train like an athlete, you will feel like an athlete. Some of these tips are brilliant for learning to keep your body and brain working in tandem. 

You need to do exercise every hour. Most people opt to do exercise at the start of every hour. This is the most feasible, and you can set the alarm to remind you. Setting a bit of time aside to ensure you get your body moving helps you feel stronger over time! It also revitalizes your energy. 

Bodyball workout
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Next, you need to keep your muscles warm by stretching regularly. Raise your arms above your head and stretch them until you feel them in your chest and biceps. This is a great way to relieve the amount of stress many people are under at the moment. 

You probably do this anyway, but it is suggested that people take phone calls standing. You can walk around and keep your body moving. Don’t do this if you’re in sight of anyone but lunging on the phone can also help greatly. 

Muscle Massager

Another thing which is also as important as the exercise is, to keep a body massager or muscle massager with you. You are at the home and you are doing the workout without any supervision, chances are that you might end up hurting yourself, sore muscles, muscle fatigue, or even damage. So, it’s better to avoid them and prevent them to happen. Using a muscle massager post every workout session makes sure that your body and muscles are getting relaxed and stress-free. A massage gun like Exogun, which is also known as the best massage gun, is a perfect tool that not only revives the muscles but also increases blood circulation and releases energy so you can recover faster and live better.

Improve mind, body, and strength

Overall, it is important that you improve your mind, body, and strength if you are stuck working at home. Doing exercises and getting into a good and recommended eating routine will help enhance your elite athletic performance. Try to ensure you are eating the right foods to complement your training. Any foods that cause symptoms of food intolerance should not be consumed before exercise. 

If you start training at home and start to feel muscle tension, you may not be doing it right. If you are feeling unwell, it may be that you do not have enough energy and haven’t eaten the right foods. A sports massage should help, but Elite Athletic Performance also provides advice on how to get the best out of your body.

If you are an aspiring sports player, particularly a footballer wanting to be elite, these routines and massages could be what you are looking for. 

Featured Image by Joanna Dubaj from Pixabay