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MYX vs Peloton: What’s the Better Biking Experience?

MYX and Peloton bikes are both stationary bikes that give you a nice workout experience either at the gym or at home. Both of these bikes have amazing features that will leave you sweating and feeling nice after every workout. The two, however, have some distinctive features that set them apart from one another. Peloton has been around for a longer time and has been improving gradually. MYX, though relatively new, is still a good competitor. Here is one overview of their bike. Let’s look at the features of both to determine which one suits your needs or which of the two will give you a better experience.

MYX Fitness Bike

MYX fitness, like peloton, is a connected exercise bike. A connected bike is one in which has an attached high-definition screen that displays the details of your workout. It is among the few bikes in this category that provide this feature and have maintained or rather equaled peloton price. A few other bikes that provide the connected experience are significantly costlier than MYX and peloton. Here are some MYX defining features that make this stationary machine stand out.

A 21.5 HD Touch Screen

This bike features an impressive high-definition touch screen connected at the front of the bike. The screen is strategically placed above the handlebars to enable you to view without arching your neck. Its touch feature allows you to control it without struggling, even with sweaty fingers. You can easily change the bike’s settings without having to stop your workout.

Separate Coach

You do not need to have an extra screen in your workout space to view youtube videos for spin classes. The bike’s screen is digital and comprises different apps that give you access to different workout classes. You get to have a separate personal coach every time you workout.

Music Control Volumes

MYX bike features music control volumes just near the handles. The buttons are strategically placed, giving you easy access. You can lower or increase the volume of your music with ease while you continue with your exercise.

Stabilizing Mat

Stationary bikes can slide on slippery floors or tiles, giving you an awful experience. You can easily topple when doing a spin class on a slippery floor. If your house has smooth tiles, you will appreciate having a stabilizing mat to keep your bike in place even if you push it hard.

Dual-Sided Pedals

This bike features SPD clips and toe cages that help keep your feet intact with the pedals. You can ride comfortably while standing without slipping. These clips are ideal for vigorous spin classes.

Dual Water Bottle Holders

The bike has water bottle holders on either side. The benefit of this is that it matters less whether you are left or right-handed. You have the liberty of placing your water bottle on either side. You can even have two if you like.

Holds up to 350 Pounds

Very few people in the world are heavier than 350 pounds. This bike can hold this much weight, so you can be sure of its strength.

Peloton bikes also have some cool features. With its pre-programmed classes available any time of the day, you can be sure to have quite interactive riding sessions any day of the week. It is, however, a bit more expensive than MYX and charges higher subscription fees thanks to its high-level instructors. Here are some features that you should expect from this machine.

21.5 High Definition Touch Screen

The peloton bike comes with a cool 21.5-inch screen that displays your workout sessions. The screen has a touch feature that allows you to easily control your workouts.

Features Peloton Built-in App

The bike has a built-in app that gives you access to pre-recorded workout sessions or live sessions if you so wish. Peloton charges a monthly subscription for this feature.

Clip-in Pedals

The bike is fitted with clip-in pedals to ensure that your feet stay in place when cycling. This allows you to cycle while sitting or standing without slipping. You also have the option of buying Peloton cycling shoes.

Access to Elite Instructors

Peloton gives you access to live elite instructors through your app as long as you have an internet connection.

Both bikes have attractive features. You should go through the features and consider your budget to determine which of the two is more appropriate.

Featured Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images on Pixabay