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Ways of Purifying Drinking Water for Family

The care of the whole family depends on the hands of the mom and the health depends on the drinking water. Review some information about drinking water.

As a mother, it’s anything but difficult to place your needs last when you are putting your child’s first. Dealing with yourself by setting aside the effort to remain hydrated will help guarantee your little one has the nourishment they have to flourish. A few different ways to do this include:

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• Ensure that you have a full water bottle by your preferred spot to nurture. There is nothing more baffling than inclination parched when you are stuck in a seat nursing your little one for 45 minutes.

• Tuck a water bottle in your satchel, in your savor holder in your vehicle, stock your area at work and keep some close by your treadmill. Ensuring you generally have water close by will help remind you to drink it for the duration of the day.

•”Time” your water admission on the off chance that you experience considerable difficulties making sure to drink it. Set an alert for consistency and attempt to taste a couple of ounces each time the caution goes off. You will before long in the propensity for drinking water.

•Eat nourishments that have high water content, for example, watermelon, cucumbers, plates of mixed greens, and soups.

•Try including organic products, a modest quantity of juice, or a press of lemon in your water to make it progressively satisfactory.

The earth is made of 70% of water but you must know that not all of this is useful for drinking. To make water pure you need a purifier and you will get several brands in the market that sells good products. However, in this case, if you use RO water, it will be a good investment for you for sure.

Now review some methods of purifying water:

Filtering the water

Filtering water is the easiest way to purify water, and for this method, you can always use filter paper, which you can get easily from the market. To make this thing work you are required to filter the drinking water by putting a filter over the glass and then you have to drain the fluid over it in another container. So this way, you will get perfectly purified water for drinking purposes. However, this process is not reliable, and in this way, the unseen particles of chemicals and other things remain inside the water.

Boiled water

If you want a good amount of pure water in your house, you can surely make use of boiled water. You can start boiling the water in your household in a high flame and after that drain, the same out of the harmful sediments, and you will get the purified water to drink and to do chores. Boiled water is also advised for kids by doctors, as they will be less affected by water-borne diseases. Just remember one thing, and that is to cool the water before you drink it. However, it’s always better to get a reverse osmosis system and for that, you can contact an RO repair.

Use of chlorine

It can happen that you are traveling to some places where there is no good system of drinking water. For this case, you can always use chlorine drops in your fluid. This will certainly purify the water.

You must have heard about the water purification methods guides often tells the tourists and that definitely includes chlorine, and thus, you can always have a small vial of the same and use it to purify the drinking water.

Distilled water

This type of water is made from vaporized water and can be found in labs. You will find this type of water in packaged bottles, and they are pricey too. Thus, sticking to a water purifier is always the best one.

Clay pot water

Making the storage of water in a traditional way, which is in a clay pot is beneficial too. If you put the drinking water in the same porous vessel it will get stuck with the soil and other hard elements that are found in the pot and give you cool and pure water at the same time.

Water purifier

This is one of the best options for getting the purest water for drinking and other household work, as it filters out every single harmful part of the drinking water and it’s still the best solution to other filtration processes.

The reverse osmosis process

In the earlier days, the RO system was mainly used for commercial and industrial purposes, but in recent days, this very thing has turned into a very crucial and reliable way of drinking water purification in so many households. RO is a process that lets water pass through a kind of semi-permeable membrane which is capable of removing all kinds of contamination.

Water Purification Tablets

Chlorine dioxide or iodine is the main component in these water purification tablets. These are capable of killing every kind of harmful bacteria and reducing the micro-organisms from the water. Although, if you use the same in your fluid, you will not find the taste pleasant at all, you can also find a bad odor in it. On the other hand, these tablets are not capable of removing various types of components of chemicals, thus, it’s never a full-proof method of purifying drinking water. However, when you have no other option to get pure water, at least when you are traveling, this can be a solution.

UV Water Purification

In this type of purification system, the water is exposed to UV light and then it destroys the micro-organisms. It also removes the bacteria, so that it becomes unable to grow any further. However, this process is not proper when it comes to reducing heavy metals and physical impurities from the drinking water.

Water Purification with iodine

This very thing is expert in killing bacteria and several viruses which may be present in your drinking water. This one is proved to be a very strong disinfectant and is also more efficient than some kind of filtration. Then again, you must not get must be excited as iodine treats water might leave a very bad taste in your mouth.

Solar Distillation of water

Distillation is a form of purifying water, and the heat of the sun is used in this case. The water starts to evaporate, because of the heat, and then it’s collected in a pot to make it drinkable.

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Of the above-mentioned methods, some of them can be obsolete and they do not seem practical for the usage of people who are not using this for industrial works. However, these situations are used for moments when no other process is available. Like, the tablets, and using the heat of the sun to purify water. Also, if you have access to a good RO purifier, you must make use of that and get pure drinking water.

Lastly, if you are still drinking the groundwater or municipal tap water without any purification then you are putting yourself and your family’s health at great risk. You should start using a good water purifier as soon as possible.

Check the information from the above-mentioned points and know that a water purifier will provide you with all the satisfying results when you are looking for the options for purified drinking water.

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