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How To Organize A Work Christmas Party

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It’s the time of year for celebration. After working so hard all year long, a Christmas party is a great way to lift the spirits of all employees. It’s also a good way to say thank you and show appreciation for the work that’s been done.

If it’s your job to organize the Christmas party this year, you may be looking for some tips. You’ve come to the right place. Take a look.

Start Early

Christmas seems to come earlier every year. For those planning an office Christmas party, it can never be too early. Getting started in September will give you a reasonable amount of time to get everything planned to perfection. Use a Christmas Party planner to help you organize.

Many venues suitable for Christmas parties are booked out months in advance, so it’s essential to get your venue booked before anything else. You may be surprised by how long it takes to bring a Christmas party together.

Know Your Budget

Most Christmas party organizers are given a budget to work with. Find out what your budget is as soon as possible. Once you know your budget, it will be easier to figure out what you can and can’t afford to do.

For example, a sit-down meal is often more expensive than a finger food buffet. Don’t worry if your budget is lower than expected- there are many budget-friendly options that can make a great Christmas party.

Christmas Music

You can’t throw a Christmas party without Christmas music. There’s something uplifting and magical about Christmas time, and the music encapsulates that. However, there are certain Christmas songs you may not be able to play at your event without permission.

If you want to be sure of licensing rules and getting the music you’re allowed to enjoy, look at Christmas music on SiriusXM


Entertainment is widely available around Christmas time. It’s essential that you book any acts you want for your event as soon as possible. They are in high demand and won’t stay available for long.

If you’re on a budget, think about a budget-friendly alternative to hiring entertainment. For instance, you could hold your own office talent show. Set up a stage area at your venue and let everyone show the best of themselves. 

Secret Santa

Secret santa is a common way for office colleagues to gift one another without having to go to a big expense. This also works for an office Christmas party. Ask everyone to bring a gender-neutral gift and set a budget.

Each person places their gift in a basket as they walk into the Christmas party venue. On the way out, every person takes a gift home with them. It can help to have a few spare gifts in case anyone forgets to bring theirs. It’s a great way to ensure everyone goes home with a gift at no expense to the business.

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