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How Your Cat’s Food Can Impact Their Weight

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The types and amount of foods your cat consumes have a big impact not just on their weight but also on their overall health. Whether you’re a first-time cat parent or a pro feline caretaker, you still must visit your cat’s veterinarian often for your pet’s daily checkup and advice about their health.   

Part of the first step after bringing a cat home is to have a quick visit with your vet. They’ll help you make a personalized nutrition plan that’s fit for your cat. Alternatively, they can pick the right cat foods for your pet as some cat food labels can be confusing. Your vet can help you interpret the information and choose foods based on ingredient quality and the proper balance of nutrients for your cat’s current life stage.  You can choose your career in the veterinary field if you want but you must love animals if you plan to become a vet tech.

Your primary responsibility is to make sure your cat is getting sufficient nutrients without overfeeding them. Insufficient knowledge about your cat’s proper diet can put their health at risk.


Keep a healthy weight
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How will you know if your cat has a healthy weight? Overweight cats are so common that you might not realize yours is about to be one. Fat and obese cats are even more abundant than those who have a healthy weight. Everyone knows that obesity can make your pet more prone to health problems. It can also keep them from grooming themselves properly. Putting off excess weight from your cat should lead to a healthier and happier life.   

There are still other factors to consider to keep your cat from being overweight, such as their lifestyle and feeding time, but mostly their food intake. If you’re unsure, you may refer to your vet or reliable pet sites, like Petsumer, for an in-depth guide about your cat’s proper nutrition. 

Sedentary Lifestyle  

Once you spoil your cat with treats every day, that may result in them leading a sedentary lifestyle. Your cat will get used to getting their treat very conveniently and without much effort needed. Giving your cat occasional treats may not be generally harmful, but these treats are not usually nutritionally complete and healthy for your cat. Hence, you should only feed them occasionally.   

Moreover, these cat treats may also contribute to your cat’s weight gain. The calories that those treats and snacks have are really high. Instead of feeding them dry treats all the time, you can reward your cats with non-edible treats, like a belly rub or even a few minutes of playtime. Through this, you can decrease their calorie intake in a day and engage your cat in more physical activities. 


Cat grooming
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This may seem an unpopular opinion, but when your cat becomes overweight due to overeating, they also tend to be untidy and neglect to groom themselves. When your cat is overweight, they may experience difficulty reaching certain parts of their body and may stop trying to groom these particular body parts anymore.

If you need to have, your cat weighed to help resolve the cause of their grooming issues, contact your veterinarian, and schedule an appointment. In this case, you regulate their weight by shifting to healthier food options and controlling portions. These can alleviate their grooming issues, helping them get back in shape.  

However, cats who stop grooming themselves can also be caused by other factors, such as old age or an illness. It can also be because they were never taught how to groom themselves properly as a kitten. Alternatively, it’s a good idea to take your cat to the veterinarian for proper medical analysis. 

Weight Loss 

Another popular cat food that’s commonly served by cat owners is homemade cat food. Many people resort to homemade cat food to reduce cost and because it’s also on the rise. However, you must be aware that homemade does not always mean good and healthy. Creating food that’s insufficient for your cat’s needs may result in your cat’s drastic weight loss.  

You may be feeding them enough portions in a day, but they may become skinny when the foods lack the required nutrients. Some people fail to develop a healthy food plan and focus more on their feline companions’ favorite snacks, which are more effortless to prepare.   

Another reason why a cat might be too skinny is that they don’t have access to food. As a cat owner, you must be aware of the proper nutrition your feline friend needs. Talk to the vet as much as possible, as they’ll guide you away from food fads and redirect you back to your cat’s healthy and complete diet. 


Cat drinking water
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As you might already know, water is vital for all living things, like humans and animals. Water is essential to cats as it helps them to stay active and healthy. A severe water deficiency can have critical effects on them, causing serious illnesses or, in worse cases, death.  

Feeding your cat with too much dry food all the time will result in serious health problems, aside from obesity. You’re increasing their chances of acquiring urinary tract problems when their diet is low in liquids. Although wet foods can help meet your feline’s water needs, they should also have various freshwater sources throughout the house.   

It’s best to pay attention to where your cat likes to be so that you can also place their water bowl there. Be aware that cats are not the same as dogs, who voluntarily look for water when they’re thirsty. Cats tend to be meticulous when it comes to moving objects, such as running water. Alternatively, it would be best if you bought your cat their own water bottle to consume. However, if your cat is fine with running water, don’t forget to offer them water several times a day. 


Being overweight puts a cat at risk of contracting many severe health issues. Weight gain shows an increase in body fat and usually happens when your cat overeats and exercises too little. Meanwhile, when your cat is underweight, this can also mean that they lack a proper and balanced diet.  

Cats are lovable and adorable creatures to have around. They help you feel relaxed every time they curl up in your lap. As a cat parent, it’s also your responsibility to provide them with the best form of care, and that includes wellness. 

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