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Intentional Design Tips for Your Luxury Home

When you find the perfect place for your family and envisage a luxury home, you should think of intentional living concerning the property design. Here are some helpful tips that will impact your home in a positive way – no matter what kind of property you’ve chosen.  

Consider your home an extension of you and your family 

When you want to enjoy intentional living by making your house a home, you must apply some science and some art. You want to apply good design elements – the science part – but your home must also be considered an extension of you and your family. This is the art. Your home is the opportunity to showcase what makes your family unique. You can fully enjoy your home when it has your memories, past achievements, and various souvenirs displayed on your walls and shelves. 

Consider what makes you happy 

The architecture of a modern ranch home celebrates the luxury in nature, incorporating mountain and landscape views into its design. If you’re lucky enough to have them, make the most of the views you have available. Whether your home is a ranch, an apartment, or a suburban house, include pieces of décor that make you happy when you are considering design. It is unwise to design your home purely within magazine ideas, including only items that look beautiful without considering what makes you happy. This is because your home will not reflect you and your family. Your home, though beautifully designed, may appear cold. But when it contains things that bring you and your family cheerfulness and joy, whether they be views or decorations, your luxury home has more personality and warmth. This results in your home being a much more welcoming place where you want to be, which will portray a high level of intentional living. 

Make the process stress-free

It can seem difficult to know where to start the decorating process. To prevent this from being stressful, realize that you cannot implement every idea that you have in your mind all at once. It is a good idea to write your ideas down for reference. Decorating your home can be a process and can take time. Do small bits of decorating as you have time. Keep on doing your decorating. You will love the end result, even if it takes you a few months or even a year. You may not be able to stop life to focus solely on decorating your luxury home, so your decorating should be hassle-free and should revolve around the amount of time that you can put into it when you can do so.  

Get back to basics

Getting back to the basics can make your luxury home divine. Your home can still be beautiful when it is simple and when you consider the functionality of your space. Therefore, you should have pieces of furniture that reflect your style, which will provide for you functionally. It is common for many rooms to function for more than one purpose. If the living room sometimes also serves as a home office, your furniture should accommodate those needs equally well. This contributes to living intentionally in a positive way. 

No matter where you live, the principles of intentional living can be incorporated into your home design. The result is a home that feels both comfortable and luxurious and truly represents your family.

Featured Image by kirkandmimi from Pixabay