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marshmallow shooters

101 Days of Christmas: Marshmallow Shooters

We made these marshmallow shooters for my younger step-brothers a few years ago, and they were a hit. Rather than just giving them the guns and some marshmallows (or pompoms for indoor play), we also include paint and foam brushes so that they could camouflage them as well.

That year, as the rest of us opened presents, they ran around our house shooting pompoms at each other, and it’s one of my favorite Christmas memories!

Marshmallow Shooter Plans


  • 1/2″ PVC pipe (15-“21” per gun)
  • 2 elbows
  • 2 end caps
  • 2 T joints
  • hacksaw
  • black spray paint
  • camouflage paint (optional)
  • mini marshmallows or pompoms


Cut 1/2″ PVC pipe into the following lengths:

  • large gun: (2) 5″ lengths for the handles, (2) 3″ lengths for the middle connectors, (1) 2″ length for the mouthpiece connector, (1) 7″ length for the barrel
  • small gun: (2) 4″ lengths for the handles, (2) 2″ lengths for the middle connectors, (1) 2″ length for the mouthpiece connector,, (1) 5″ length for the barrel

Connect the pieces following the plan above.

Spray paint the gun.

Put marshmallows or pompoms in bags and package with each gun.

Note: You may want to include safety goggles as well!


  • Give a marshmallow gun kit as a gift and let the recipient build their own gun.
  • Create your own plans with single handholds, multiple mouthpieces for rapid firing, etc.

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