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Money Making Hobbies for Moms!

Raising kids is busy work, and as moms, we don’t ever get too much time for ourselves. Everything we do is tailored around looking after our kids- making sure they have what they need and they are where they need to be, so our own wants and needs are often put on the back burner. However, it’s important that you don’t completely neglect yourself, and if you do get a spare hour here or there in the week, then use it doing things you enjoy and can improve you as a person. Hobbies are great for this, but to have a hobby that earns you a little extra cash is even better. It can make your life easier financially, gives you something to work towards aside from parenting, and can build skills that can improve mental health and wellbeing. Here are a few ideas for hobbies that can earn you money that just so happens to be perfect for moms!


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Blogging really is a fantastic hobby to have. You learn new things, improve on a wide range of skills (from writing to photography to coding and design), and there’s the opportunity to meet like-minded people. From online friends that you chat to as a result of connecting through blogging to those that you meet through events and meetups- we all know that finding friends as an adult is hard, and it can be even tougher when you’re a parent. But blogging gives you the opportunity to connect with people who are interested in the same things as you. One of the most exciting things about blogging is the opportunities it can lead to.

Of course, these won’t just fall in your lap, as with anything, it takes time and effort to build a blog that advertisers and companies want to work with. But if you start out as a hobby and do it for love, over time, you’ll begin to create a platform that attracts followers and increases authority on the web. Eventually, you will have companies contacting you about sponsored/paid-for work or free products, trips, or other perks in exchange for reviews. Blogging is cheap and simple to start; all you really need is a laptop or computer with an internet connection. Everything you need to know you can learn through trial and error or by researching information online. 


If you want a platform to connect with others but writing isn’t your thing, YouTube is another option. If you’re a chatty kind of person or enjoy being in front of the camera, then why not give it a go? You could film videos on a specific subject that interests you- anything from family finance to beauty to parenting. You could do a ‘follow me around’ very popular type of vlog, and even share ‘mundane’ elements of your week, such as your grocery haul and your cleaning routine, all have an audience on Youtube.

Think of the videos that you personally enjoy watching and consider if you could create your own content in this area. To start a Youtube channel, a reasonable quality camera, and some video editing software will be needed. Sure, you could start out by recording on your phone and see how you enjoy it; however, you likely won’t attract much of an audience. It’s not to say you need movie-quality equipment and professional editing, but these days, we all do expect a certain standard from the videos we watch, so bear this in mind. Things like a subtitling service so people can watch your videos even on mute will all improve the quality and the people who watch them.

Think about it. Many people watch videos while sitting at the doctor’s waiting office, on the train, and even sneakily at work! Having captions allows them to enjoy your content even without sound. All of this means you will have to make an investment in equipment upfront, which might not pay off for some time, but again, if you see it as a hobby in the beginning, then anything you do earn later is a bonus. 


Are you a keen baker? If you enjoy whipping up treats for your kids, are always the first to contribute to a bake sale and love nothing more than creating celebration cakes at Christmas, birthdays, and other special occasions, then why not consider it as a money-making venture? First of all, perfect your skills by attending a baking or cake decorating workshop. These will build on what you know and give you the knowledge to push things to the next level. Next, apply for your health and hygiene certification. You’ll also need to tell the council that you plan on running a baking business from home. It’s pretty simple. You’ll fill in some paperwork and likely make a couple of minor changes to your setup. For example, you’ll need a separate fridge for work and home, and you’ll need to keep your kitchen pristine.

Once you’re registered, health and safety have the right to visit your home at any time to make sure that hygiene standards are being upheld, but it’s likely only to be an occasional thing. Once you’re all set up, you can start creating a portfolio and open either a website or a business page on Facebook to promote and sell your creations. Be sure to take fantastic, clear, and well-presented photos of your work as these are what will attract clients. Encourage clients to leave feedback and reviews, too, as a small local business. These are especially important when it comes to gaining further custom and building up a solid reputation. 


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Do you have a craft that you enjoy? It could be jewelry or candle making, pottery, textile crafts, or art. If so, have you ever considered turning this into a home business? Sites like Etsy are perfect for this. Many people are pulling away from mass-produced items and seeking more personal things- and made by talented craftspeople to fit the bill. Have a think about your end product and what kind of things you could make that would appeal to people to buy. If you’re skilled with fabrics, for example, you could make handmade cushions, curtains, soft toys, or other items that people would want to buy as gifts or for the home. If you’re an artist or designer, opening up your inbox to custom work means you can create tailor-made pieces that your buyers will love.

You could also sell more generic prints, clip art, or other designs in your shop for instant download too to help your finances keep ticking over in between custom pieces. There are lots of ways for talented craftspeople to make a living doing what they love these days, so consider the sort of items that are likely to sell well and how you could go about creating them. Doing a bit of market research first and seeing what’s already being sold and doing well in your niche might help you to tailor your business plan. 


Are you a lover of all things beauty? You might not have all the time in the world to apply makeup, style your hair, and pick out an incredible outfit each day as you did before having kids. However, it can be fun to do when you have the time and energy. If you still have that passion there, have you considered that it could be turned into something more? There are lots of courses that enable you to get qualified in makeup, hair, or nails, and best of all. They can be studied in your free time around your parenting commitments.

Once you’re qualified, you can work for yourself and, again, completely work things around your home life since you’re the one in control. You could arrange appointments for during the day when your kids are at school and work mobile, or you could have clients come to your home in the evenings when your children are settled watching TV after school. You could work some weekends if your kids are out with other family members or just whenever suits you. From spray tanning to lash and brow treatments, even more skilled work like facial aesthetics, microdermabrasion, and teeth whitening, there are lots of options if you’re interested in this area. 

No Employment Gap

One issue that many moms can come up against when raising a family is a big gap in their employment history. This can cause issues with getting future jobs, and while employers know the reason, it can still make you appear less favorable compared with other candidates. However, a hobby that also earns you money and that you can transform into a business (even a small, home-based business) prevents this kind of gap. It shows that you’ve been continuously working and building lots of skills that can improve your chances of being hired. 

Moms, do you have any money-making hobbies that you would recommend to others? Where did you start in terms of turning your hobby into a venture that earned you money?