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Motivating your Child to Get a Higher Education

How do you motivate your child to go to college?

Getting a higher education is a demanding job. It will take several years of your life to get there in the first place. So how do you motivate your child to do this difficult task? The generation gap plays a role. It is difficult for you to understand how your child feels. That is why we suggest you manage the opportunities that the modern education industry offers us. The topic of changes in the higher education system is becoming more and more relevant. There is much talk about online courses as an alternative to university education. One of the main arguments for traditional university education is the lack of a diploma and real certification after completing an online course.

College credit for what you already know

Get a higher education
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If you search on Google for this phrase, you will find several organizations offering exams in many disciplines and a certificate. Most U.S. colleges recognize this certificate. Your child will get credit for the subject and will not need to study and take it again at college.

Judging by the coverage of the subjects and reviews on the Web, the two most developed organizations are CLEP and Excelsior College.

Both companies offer exams in a variety of subjects and get credit for these subjects at almost any college in the U.S.

The most interesting thing is you may take exams for subjects from a particular program and get a bachelor’s degree by using this system. This option is offered at Excelsior College. After passing all the exams, you will need to take one additional course online, specifically from this organization.

It is also possible to take all examinations at such independent certification centers and go to any college to obtain a diploma. It will be more expensive, but if your child is ready for this challenge, that would be a great opportunity to save time. In any case, saving time and money is essential.

How to take the exams

Online education
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The first impression is that the exam must be taken online. Skeptics will immediately say that such a system can not adequately assess the applicant’s level of knowledge and that there are many ways to cheat the system. But in fact, the system works differently. Such organizations have many certification centers in the USA and around the world.

But there is a condition for passing the exams. You need to confirm the appropriate level of English. For example, an IELTS certificate and SATs for college..

The cost is:

This way of taking exams and getting credits is not free. But it’s not expensive either. For example, at Excelsior College, trying to take one exam is $95. In the CLEP, it costs $80 or more.
To fulfill the conditions of the program, you need to take about 30 exams. In total, it will cost between $2,500 and $5,000. But if you need to fly to the U.S. to complete your program, you must add the cost of travel. It is quite comparable to the cost of studying at a domestic university. There are lower-cost alternatives available that are worth checking out.

How to prepare for exams

The easiest way is self-education. Typically, these organizations provide training materials. For example, CLEP sells training manuals for $20.
But there is also an alternative way. These are open online courses, of which there are many now. Everybody’s heard of courses from Coursera, edX,, and so on.
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