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Pool Maintenance Tips From The Pros That Will Save You A Lot Of Effort

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A swimming pool is an investment, which means it should be cared for properly. Swimming pools require a lot of maintenance to keep them clean and in good condition. People like pool professionals have the experience and skills to take care of your pool so that you can enjoy it without having to do all the work yourself! Even if your pool already has signs of wear and tear, you can start taking care of it now. It’s never too late! And what’s best about this is that you can do it on your own with just some simple upgrades like installing automatic pool enclosures that enable you to enjoy swimming all year round, even in chilly weather. They can protect the pool from UV rays, snow, wind, and rain, as well as enhancing the air temperature inside.

Advice That Will Save You A Lot of Effort

Swimming pools are one of the most popular summertime purchases for families and homeowners. Spending time and money on a pool provides lots of entertainment for kids and adults alike during those hot summer days. One thing that might deter some people from diving into a pool in the summer is a bad experience with a mistake made by another person. If this has been your fear, then you may be surprised to know that many of the common mistakes that have led other pool owners into costly and frustrating repairs are very easy to avoid when you hire professional services.

No matter how much time or money you spend on your swimming pool, it will only continue to give enjoyment if it is cared for properly. Unknowingly overlooking simple maintenance tasks can lead to more serious problems such as erosion and staining over time. If your pool needs any kind of repair, whether it’s due to neglect or just because it’s wearing down after years of use, please take some time to familiarize yourself with the basics of pool maintenance. Things like how to sweep and vacuum a pool or fill it up and empty out all can be done by you, and there is no reason for you to pay someone else to do something that doesn’t require any special skill but just a bit of time.

On the other hand, there are quite a few modern products out there that can help you keep your pool fresh. A device like a robotic pool cleaner can automate your cleaning tasks, allowing you to add more fun to your summer by spending more time with poolside activities. There are also new ways of automated pool equipment that can help you keep the water fresh and clean.

Basic maintenance tips

Some basic pool maintenance tips include:

  • Check for leaks that may be causing water damage around your house or landscaping by looking for discoloration in the paint or floor joints. 
  • Keep up with water quality by using the recommended chemicals for your particular pool. Check with your local swimming pool supply store and ask them to recommend an appropriate water treatment system for your needs. 
  • Clean and vacuum debris from the bottom of your pool weekly, especially in the fall when leaves start falling 
  • Test levels of chlorine in the water every week. Always remember to wear gloves when you are handling pool chemicals since they can be hazardous. 
  • Check for toilets that may be leaking by wrapping some toilet paper around the flapper. If it gets wet from below, then there’s a leak. 
  • Add in a little bit of extra salt to your chlorinated water to prevent freezing as temperatures drop. It can also help with algae growth. 
  • Make sure that all drain covers are secure and tightly fitted into place to avoid rainwater getting into your pipes or guttering system. Also, make sure that any downspout extensions are securely attached to avoid further damage from windy weather. 
  • If you follow these simple swimming pool maintenance tips, you and your swimming pool will be set for the summer season with minimal loss or damage.

Signs that your pool needs repair or maintenance 

If you notice things like algae growth, dirty water, or a strong smell coming from your pool, then this is a sign that something’s not right, and you need to contact the professionals.

You can get similar signs if leaks have occurred as well, but the best way to detect this problem is by checking your water bill (you’ll notice an increase of 30% on it). If so, there’s good chance water has seeped into the ground, causing dirt and debris to stick at the bottom of your pool. Pool maintenance professionals will know how to fix these problems without causing any major damage, which means no more long-term costs!

How often should you service your pool?

Experts recommend that you get a professional once every spring for maintenance purposes. However, you can purchase pool covers to keep debris from entering the pool, and with regular care and maintenance, it can last up to three years before requiring assistance. Many owners, however, still choose to hire a professional once every spring just in case they need additional expertise or if there’s an issue that needs to get solved immediately.

How long does it take for them to fix your pool?

This depends on the kind of problem at hand and how skilled they are, but generally speaking, these types of issues will be fixed in a day or two, assuming that the technicians have all the tools and equipment needed.

As with any repair or maintenance, it’s better to do this in the early stages to prevent problems from growing bigger and more expensive down the road.

If you’re looking for a company that can handle everything from fixing your pool heater to cleaning out filters, here are some tips on how to find one:

  • Be sure to verify if they’re licensed and insured. This goes without saying, but it will put your mind at ease knowing that you’ll be working with someone who is both certified and up-to-date with current legal requirements. If something were to go wrong during the job, wouldn’t it be nice knowing that there’s someone behind you who will take care of things? 
  • Ask around. Do not just hire anyone because you found their ad on the side of a bus. Get personal referrals from friends or colleagues who have had projects done in the past by these types of companies. 

One important thing to remember is that not all swimming pools need the same level of maintenance and care. For example, if you only use your pool for leisure purposes every now and then, there’s no need to hire an expert all year round to maintain it.

How can I get started with caring for my own swimming pool today?! 

First, start by getting some disinfectant designed for pools. This will help kill bacteria and other such things that grow in the water. A regular chlorine solution is a good disinfectant for your pool. You can also get a system that automatically disperses the disinfectant throughout to water for you! 

Take care of your pump. For optimal performance, keep your filter clean and running at the right speed (usually 100). If you have an automatic pool cleaner, make sure it’s on schedule and working properly so that your pool stays nice and clean!

Pool maintenance
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It may seem like a lot of work to maintain your pool, but it can save you money in the long run – and help keep those summer memories alive. A few minutes here or there will help you extend the life span of your pool for years to come! And don’t forget that even if your pool has some wear and tear already, maintenance is still important because it’ll prevent future damage. 

Featured Image by Daniel Perrig from Pixabay