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Senior Retirement Communities

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Have you ever dreamed of spending your days in the company of like-minded people? Have you ever wished to live that calm life and surround yourself only with what brings you happiness? Have you ever thought about the tranquility that prime-time ads convey? If you answered “yes” to one of these questions, and if you are 55 and above (sorry young people), then this article is for you. Here you will find a guide to calm retirement and ways to maximize your comfort based on your needs.  

What is a Retirement Community?

A retirement community is a place that gives the seniors a strong sense of belonging and purpose, where people alike begin their second life without every day worries. These communities are meant to welcome the adults who have decided to start a new life with new friends and customs. Of course, this means that they have to be separated from their families, which shows that these adults are committed to a new life adventure. Moreover, they have options to choose from: assisting living and independent living. But wait… there’s more about that below.  

Independent living for seniors: why and how. 

This option is designed for those who want to live a happy and independent life, combined with a wide range of activities. The venues to choose from are also different: from a single-family detached house to apartment-style accommodation. While living independently, the residents can also use various amenities and services that this type of facility usually offers. For example, adults can participate in holiday gatherings, community discussion clubs, art and craft classes, etc. The important thing to note here is that independent living is suitable for those who can afford to live alone without any physical help.  

Assisted living: its pros and cons

Assisted living is a wonderful and very inclusive opportunity for those who are still paving their path to independent living but require healthcare and support to be safe. Usually, the adults who choose this type of living need additional help with medication, meals, dressing, bathing, transportation, etc. That help is limited but still required, and specially trained staff is available on-site to offer it. Some assisted-living facilities, also known as long-term care facilities or residential care communities, offer nursing care or memory care. 

Independent and Assisted Living Facilities and Retirement Homes

Independent living facilities can include low-income or subsidized senior housing, retirement homes/ communities, continuing care retirement communities, and senior apartments or congregate care housing. Assisted living facilities usually include home-like individual rooms, apartments, or shared quarters. The choice to make depends on the needs of the person and the budget allocated. Services like recreational programs, clubhouses, or outdoor maintenance commonly imply additional expenses. 

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Is separate living right for you?

No wonder there are a lot of myths around this topic. Please keep in mind that choosing independent living does not mean that adults should lose their independence or friends or give up hobbies. On the contrary, the adults preserve their autonomy by making their lives easier, getting new friends, and being surrounded by a professional staff ready to help and support. Most adults even claim that they became more active and happy after relocating to an independent living facility, which helped them feel less isolated and more occupied with their favorite activities. 

How Much Do These Senior Living Options Cost?

As you may have already guessed, not only does the cost of assisted living vary state by state, but also based on the services you want to have. The price range for an independent living usually varies from $1,800 and $6,000 a month. The price for assisted living ranges between $2,700 and $6,500 a month. Some facilities charge less for shared apartments, which can also be an option to consider. Depending on your budget and the amenities, some venues will offer specialized care, like dentistry or hospital-like care. 

What to do?

The decision to live independently and join an independent living community; assisted living near you. Nevertheless, the adults who choose that path enjoy the rest of their lives in welcoming facilities, taking up new hobbies, and refreshing their life with new people, new discussions, and new activities. Whether you opt for independent living or you need assisted living, your decision will relocate you to communities where you will be heard, loved, and accepted. 

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