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Signs Your Business Needs Professional Transcription Services

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Generating an excellently written version of an audio or video needs the help of a qualified transcriptionist from a reputable company. Creating an accurate and high-quality transcript may be challenging, but a skilled transcriptionist should have the required knowledge and tools for the job. Transcription services may not be part of your core business needs, but they are very necessary from time to time. Several signs indicate that your business may require professional transcription service providers. Read on to find out. 

Numerous Videos and Podcasts on Your Website

Videos and podcasts are currently a huge part of strategic content marketing for most businesses. But, text content, especially SEO optimized blog posts, are excellent for enhancing your website’s visibility on the search engine result page. If you have many videos and podcasts, hire a transcription agency to create articles and blog posts to get all the SEO benefits. 

Your Business Image Is Crucial

If you run a reputable business, you do not want to submit poorly written reports or articles to your investors and customers. You should always present your business in a manner that commands respect and enhances trust. Consider hiring a skilled transcriptionist to write appealing transcripts that keep readers captivated to the end. 

Security Is a Priority

You may need confidential business audio and videos transcribed without any leakage to unauthorized parties. If you use your employees to transcribe sensitive recordings, they could expose bits of sensitive information. Hiring a professional transcription service provider with non-disclosure agreements is the best option for securing sensitive data.

Your Business Makes Many Phone Calls 

If your business is always making numerous telephone calls, customer calls, research data calls, skype calls or interview calls, consider getting transcripts to store the information for future reference. If not transcribed, this information may be lost and may come in handy when making decisions or strategically planning your business. 

Overworking Your Employees

Creating a transcript from a recording takes quite some time, and if you have numerous audio and videos that need transcribing, it may overwhelm your team. Instead of focusing on the core business needs, they pay attention to transcribing, which may reduce your business’s productivity in the long run. 

You can outsource transcription professionals from top agencies that deliver accurate work in time and at competitive market prices. That way, your in-team is not overwhelmed, and all the business functions run smoothly. 

If You Are Always Being Interviewed

Suppose you are constantly invited for interviews on TV or by bloggers; you can reach out to a good transcription service provider to transcribe the recordings. You can either decide to publish the transcripts in industry publications or post them on your website to increase the traffic and improve your business’s visibility. Besides, people who follow you and have not seen or listened to your interviews can quickly get updated by reading them. 

Your Business Interacts With People With Impaired Hearing

Some companies interact with differently enabled people, either as customers or employees. If your business is one of them, you may need to get a good transcription service provider so that they can easily go through all the important business material. 

Your Personal Assistant Is Not Skilled 

Generating top-quality transcripts does not only take time but needs long-term experience and the right skills. If your assistant has no transcription knowledge or background, it may take longer to create an article, and it may be poorly written. Instead of burdening your personal assistant find professional transcriptionists from reputable transcribing companies to do the job accurately. 

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Occasional Business Conferences

If you are always speaking in public spaces or business meetings, transcripts are a good way to ensure your talks are reused and reach a bigger audience. Besides, the transcripts can be used for business training or publications. 


Your business may not require a transcription agency now, but if you observe any of the signs listed above, you should make an abrupt change. Giving your transcription work to people without the relevant skills and expertise will negatively affect your business name and discourage investors. Consider outsourcing online transcription services from companies that guarantee you 99%+ accuracy, quick delivery times, and affordable prices without compromising quality.

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