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Sleeping Tips for First-time Dog Owners

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Adopting a new puppy for first-time dog owners can be a really exciting adventure, but it’s one that requires a lot of preparation. Figuring out how you might be able to work through this will be an important step in ensuring both you and your pup get a good night’s sleep and get through the night! 

Over half of the 78 million dogs owned in the U.S. sleep in a person’s bed, according to one 2015 survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association. From investing in the best mattress for shared sleep to fighting out just how to get those pesky mattress stains out, there are plenty of ways both you and your pup can be ensured a great night’s sleep. 

Finding The Best Mattress For No Interruptions

Dog sleeping in the bed
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If you plan on co-sleeping with your puppy, as first-time dog owner, it’s important you have a mattress that can accommodate both of you. Finding the best mattress size for the number of sleepers in your bed is important, especially if you plan to get a larger dog. Larger dogs are especially prone to causing interruptive sleep – they can’t help it! Their large size means they tend to take up space, cause overheating, and cause disruptions as they toss and turn. 

To ensure you have the best mattress to share with a dog, you need to keep a couple of factors in mind. One of the most important aspects of the best mattress for your bedroom should include motion isolation, for starters. This simply means you shouldn’t have to feel every movement your dog makes in bed and vice versa. Twin foam mattresses tend to be the best mattress choice for this specific feature. 

The best mattress for your pup should also be hypoallergenic, produced with non-toxic materials, and easy to clean. This last feature is an often overlooked facet of most memory foam mattresses. The best mattresses will have a removable cover at the very least to ensure you’re prepared to clean any accidents easily and quickly.

How To Clean Mattress Stains Out Your Bed

How to clean a mattress
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Even if you do have the best mattress for co-sleeping with your pet, learning how to clean a mattress your pet has made an accident on is equally important. No matter their size or breed, dogs are as messy as they are adorable, and the best way to deal with a mattress stain is to try and deal with it quickly and effectively. 

As first-time dog owners, if you’re wondering how to clean a mattress stain out of your new bed, here are some top tips: 

  • One of the most common questions asked when it comes to cleaning a mattress is what to do about any bed-wetting accidents. These can be easily tackled at home by combining baking soda and a few drops of washing liquid into a cup of hydrogen peroxide. Spray down the stain and let it sit for at least an hour, and then cover with baking soda to absorb for the next eight hours. Once you vacuum up the excess, you should be left with a scent-free mattress and a visibly lighter stain, depending on how soon you’ve attempted this. 
  • For those trying to figure out how to clean a mattress stain without an extended arsenal of cleaning goods in your storage, a 50/50 white vinegar and water solution can also do the job. Lightly spray down before sprinkling with baking soda so you’re able to minimize the damage involved. 
  • If your dog has chosen, unfortunately, to puke on your bed, the solution is much the same. Treating it with the same vinegar treatment as before, figuring out how to clean a mattress here should be simple once you have properly wiped down your mattress. This is also where a removable mattress cover can come, especially in handy. 

When you’re trying to work out how to clean a mattress stain made by your dog, remember to think about the type of stain you’re contending with before trying to solve it with a lot of water and paper towels. 

Sleeping Tips For Restless Pups

Special dog bed
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Once you’ve worked out how to clean mattress stains that your pup might accidentally cause, it’s time to get to figuring out how you’re going to get your pup to sleep in your room with you. If you’re training a puppy to share the bed with you, it’s important to instill an early amount of discipline so that they understand this. 

If you know your puppy will grow into a bigger dog, then it’s also worth training them to sleep at the foot of the bed rather than right next to you. While this might be difficult, it’s going to be a lot harder to untrain them and keep them next to you as they grow bigger and begin to steal your covers! 

If you don’t want to sleep with your dog, it’s best to prepare a place for them to sleep in advance. Dogs respond well to structure and discipline, so assigning a place in the corner of the room will be a valuable way for your pup to learn about distance and have a quiet space of their own where they can go if they’re tired or overwhelmed. 

Finding the right dog bed is going to help make this process a lot easier for your pup. Be sure to surround it, at least initially, with their favorite toys – their instinct is going to be to want to sleep with you, so making their dog bed as attractive as possible is in your best interest.

Once you’ve implemented a routine and encouraged them with treats to foster the discipline to stick to it, sleep training your dog will be a piece of cake. Whether you find the best mattress for both of you to share or you’re still trying to nail how to those pesky mattress stains, you’ll find your rhythm and get snoozing with your loyal companion easier than ever.

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