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From Doghouse to Designer: How to Design a Space for Your Dog

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If you’ve found yourself digging up dog space design inspiration, like your canine companion digs up backyard-buried bones, look no further. While a more traditional, mess-friendly doghouse does the job in a pinch, an artfully designed dog space of Fido’s dreams is well worth the investment. After all, much like humans, dogs crave R&R, so allocating a space indoors just for them is vital for their physical and emotional wellbeing. 

Depending on your dog’s breed, alone time may range in importance. For example, dogs like the Chow Chow or Greyhound may retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life for some much-needed “me” time, while other dog breeds may require around-the-clock attention.  Labrador Retrievers, especially Lab puppies, are an example of a dog breed that craves couchside snuggles and home-office lounging. Regardless of your furry friend’s breed, a dog space is a must for melting off the day’s stresses and partaking in a long-awaited pup nap. 

With a bit of effort and some creativity, you’ll be able to design a space for your dog that both you and your pup will be proud of. 

Pick the right space 

The first step to designing a stylish space is to pick the right area in your home. If you spend a lot of time in your home office, you might want to make the room more dog-friendly. Get creative with the space and transform the space under your desk into a glamorized lounge area. 

Nooks are another great place to transform into a dog space because the chances are those tight corners will go to waste anyway. Put that nook to use by transforming it into a cozy dog hangout. Your pup will thank you. 

If you own a bigger dog like a lab, you might want to find a larger space to devote to them. While many people don’t consider garages because of unsightly clutter and gloomy gray cement walls, the right design approach can transform an otherwise unusable space. For example, if you add luxury dog furniture, such as a memory foam dog bed, your once dingy garage will take on new life as a cozy space just for your furry friend. 

Choose the right furniture

When designing a dog space, it’s essential to buy matching furniture. That way, you can achieve cohesion and cradle your furry friend in top-of-the-line furnishings. 

From a plush dog house sofa to an eye-catching dog house planter, the choice is up to you. Whatever sleeping surface you settle on, choosing a dog bed that meets your furry friend’s health needs and comfort preferences is a must. Use the dog bed to center the room’s design and then build out from there. 

Make the space dog friendly with decorations 

While this step may seem pretty self-explanatory, you’d be surprised by how many dog spaces lack cute finishing touches that make your Lab feel right at home. 

Dog toys
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Fill your space with plenty of toys, bones, warm blankets, and dog-inspired decorations to make the space welcoming for your dog. If you have a smaller dog, adding dog stairs to the couch or bed is an adorable addition that makes every square inch of your living space dog-friendly. 

Today, owners have taken their dog-friendly decor one step further by purchasing separate food jars that enhance the room’s visual appeal. You go through the effort of finding the best dog food for their health, so why store it in attractive, bulky bags? 

Keep up with current trends and buy large mason jars to keep your dog’s food in. Not only do they look great, but they will also keep your dog’s food much fresher than any bag could. 

Wrap up 

Designing a space for your dog is an exciting step in dog ownership. Get creative, but make sure to buy furniture that your dog will use, such as a comfortable dog bed. All in all, have fun and paws for thought during your design journey. 

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