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Smart Ways to Market Your Home Business in 2020 (Without Breaking The Bank)

Just because your business isn’t at the international level doesn’t mean that you don’t need to run seriously. Indeed, any business requires effective marketing to ensure a consistent stream of customers. Of course, a home business is unlikely to access the resources a more massive corporation has to market its products. However, many effective strategies can be used. Keep reading to find smart ways to market your home business without breaking the bank. 


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Blogging isn’t just about documenting your life. Instead of, or perhaps we should say as well, it can be a very useful marketing tool. Indeed a well-written blog can humanize your brand and show customers what they can expect from you. 

Additionally, it’s also a wonderful space to share your products and their uses and valuable information that potential customers will find useful. 

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Finally, using blogging as a marketing technique is an excellent value for money option as well. After all, you can provide the content, and so you will only have to pay out a minimal amount to host your blog. Indeed, it’s often best to use your company website to host your blog, which can help when it comes to SEO. 

Use a QR code 

 Sometimes in marketing, less is truly more, and what is more enticing to a curious mind than a little information and an invitation to find out more? Of course, this is where the QR code comes in because it is a way of drawing in potential customers. After all, it helps to get them one step further down the line to committing, even before they have even purchased a product, which means they are much more likely to do so later on. 

QR Code
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The great thing about QR codes is that you can include them in all sorts of marketing materials, from your blog and web pages to IRL flyers. They are super easy to create, as well. You can even make a QR code for free with a builder tool online. Therefore, making this not only one of the best home business marketing methods there is, but also one of the cheapest. 

Utilize social 

Social media sites are free to join and provide an excellent marketing platform for the home business. However, it is essential to remember that you must correctly do things to be successful with marketing on social media. 

That means you must carefully select the best platforms for your marketing. For example, Instagram is great for displaying pictures of your products. However, by using sites like TicToc, you can show people using and gaining value from your products in real-time, which can be much more convincing. 

Although when using only a platform like TicToc, you may miss out on a significant part of your target demographic. Therefore your social media choices need to be carefully considered and balanced. 

Additionally, it’s wise to remember to separate your personal and business accounts. This is because it’s all too easy for people not to take your business seriously if you promote it via your personal account. You also risk alienating friends and potential customers if they only post they ever see from you is about your business and products. 

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