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The Benefits of Camping Slippers

Camping is an exciting outdoor activity- nothing beats spending your day in all of Mother Nature’s glory and drifting off under a thousand stars away from the city bustle. While you’re still on that dreamy tented night bubble, you might as well consider throwing on some camp slippers. We all know that getting your packing right is vital for any trip; well, camping is no different. Camp slippers are essential. You don’t want to overlook them. For the most part, camping boots will have the footwear section covered; however, they may come lacking in many ways. Here are five compelling reasons to add camping slippers to your cart for the next camping trip because of the benefits they provide as listed below. 

1. Comfort

Camping boots may be more functional for the outdoor terrain, but one of the benefits of camping slippers is they offer unmatched comfort. Camping gear manufacturers specially design lightweight orthotics fitted in the mid-sole of your slippers to lessen any strain to your feet. From plush cushioning to adequate arch support, camp slippers are designed to cradle your feet so kick back, relax while enjoying the outdoors without your feet killing you. 

2. Stability

Our bond with slippers goes back to our first baby steps- the lightweight footwear gives you all the balance you need. Similarly, camp slippers are designed to provide support and stability on different types of terrain. Unlike most camping gear, camp slippers are made with relatively light material to cut back on the bulkiness. The outsole on camp slippers is evenly distributed and lightly rugged to increase traction. Looking out for those treads will save you a lot of slips and falls. 

3. Warmth

Planning a camping trip this winter? Then camp slippers are a must-have. Studies have indicated a link between cold feet and common diseases; you’re more likely to catch a cold or flu when your feet are exposed to the cold. It, however, does not mean you have to miss out on all the snow camping fun. The technology used to design camp slippers is life-changing- most market products are lined with insulating material that keeps your feet warm even in extreme temperatures. So maybe leave that cottage reservation for Christmas because camping, hot chocolate, and warm fuzzy slippers are a plan.

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4. Dry feet

Just like camping boots, camp slippers are conveniently waterproof. The exterior and interior of camp slippers are built reinforced with waterproof material to block out any moisture. Consequent to the warmth insulation feature, camp slippers are sufficiently aerated to prevent foul odor and any impending fungal or bacterial infection. The faux shearling commonly used in slippers is perforated to allow evaporation of any accumulated sweat. With the right pair of slippers, you get to keep your feet healthy, warm, and dry throughout the wear while warding off nasty foot infections.

5. Safety

As fun and exciting as camping could be, it is still necessary to stay cautious. Outdoor spaces are not as safe as our homes, especially when camping out in the wild. Before you venture into the woods, you might want to make a cut-consideration for your footwear. Ordinarily, it is best to shop for high-cut camp slippers- this will protect you from snake bites and any ankle height cuts and scrapes. Check out the sole of your slipper before purchase, so it’s adaptable enough for both indoor and light outdoor use.

Bottom Line

Outdoor camping is something we all should try out at least once in our lives, even with all the fun challenges that stay ahead of it. The idea is to take in as much as you can out of that camping trip with family or friends without the constant worrying. Sliding your feet into a lush pair of fleece slippers after a long hike is definitely one way to give yourself a little extra love. So, whether you’re a regular camper or an enthusiast looking to tick camping off your bucket list, make a note to get all the essentials. You will enjoy the many benefits of camping slippers. Happy camping!

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