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Image by Kevin Wiliams on Pixabay

The Best 6-in-1 Lumbar Support Pillow and Seat Cushion

Static sitting is the leading root cause of back pain and many chronic health issues. Whether you slump over your computer keyboard every day or sit behind the wheels for long periods, your back risks stiffness and pain due to lack of motion; and your spine is risking damage from a poor posture. Back pain can strike anytime, anywhere.  

Knowing the damage static sitting can cause to your body, we would be delighted to share with you the product that can solve this problem. It’s the Back Vitalizer, made by Ajuvia. It has multi-functionality as a lumbar support pillow, a seat cushion, and a lot more. It is a clinically proven back pain solution that requires no medication or surgery. Its innovative design and high effectiveness make it the perfect solution to curb back pain. In addition to its breakthrough in back pain relief, Back Vitalizer tackles the root cause by improving posture and strengthening your spine and core with active sitting. 

What Makes Back Vitalizer So Unique?

Compared to clusters of foam and gel back cushions on the market, Back Vitalizer stands out in its effectiveness in rapid pain relief, dynamic and conforming support, instant adjustability and customization, and multifunctional features. It is designed to achieve much more than just propping up your back.  

Rapid Pain Relief

Back pain and sciatica sufferers will notice instant back comfort, spinal alignment, and pain relief within 3 seconds. It also helps reduce tailbone pressure and soothe tailbone pain instantly.

Dynamic and Conforming Support

Back Vitalizer uses conforming Aircell technology to contour to your back and place the support where needed most. The conforming and dynamic support adjusts when you move, providing instant comfort and pain relief. 

Instant Adjustability and Customization

Back Vitalizer can be easily adjusted. The support level can be customized in micro granular levels to fit any user’s needs and comfort, regardless of size, weight, gender, and age.  

Posture Improvement

Back Vitalizer automatically corrects and neurologically trains perfect posture and prevents slouching. Back Vitalizer will strengthen your lower back and improve overall posture with consistent use. 

Core Strengthening 

Back Vitalizer can help you gain all the benefits of a stability ball with a stronger core and a straighter spine without worrying about extra space for a stability ball and the risk of the ball rolling out from under you if you are not careful enough.   

Improves Focus  

While sitting on Back Vitalizer engages your back muscles and forces them to constantly adjust and stay active, improving your blood circulation and lubrication to your spinal discs. It helps you keep your energy levels up and stay concentrated on your task. 

Durable and Ecofriendly

This ergonomic lumbar support pillow is made of premium eco-friendly perforated canvas that’s both breathable and easy to clean. Simply wipe clean with a damp cloth when needed. Its sturdy inflatable core is a premium eco-friendly polyurethane membrane with superb strength, durability, and extreme temperature performance. Back Vitalizer’s solid design supports up to 350 pounds of body weight, enabling it to be used in virtually any position and seat. 

Light Weight and Portable

Unlike many other back relief devices that are heavy, bulky, and hard to adjust, Back Vitalizer is lightweight, conforming, and can be adjusted and placed in any way as required. It can be folded easily like a magazine and slipped into your handbag for travel.

Size: 17 3/4” (45 cm) Length X 13 1/2” (34 cm) Width X 0-5” (0-12 cm) Thickness 


The manufacturer provides a 3-year warranty. That’s a guarantee for 10,000 hours of sitting comfort. Love it or return it. No questions asked. 

Value for Money

Combined with premium materials and high-quality construction, Back Vitalizer has the reliability and performance your aching back needs for lasting relief. It is perfect for back support and seat cushion for any office chair, car and airplane seat, bed, sofa, or anywhere you need to sit.  

When it comes to value for money, you won’t find any product better than Back Vitalizer. With one product, you benefit from 6 different pieces of equipment – the active sitting wedge, posture wedge, lumbar support pillow, back stretcher, tailbone cushion, and balance training. Works great in wheelchairs to provide added comfort.

Featured Image by Kevin Wiliams on Pixabay