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The Best Home Exercise Routines You Can Do During a Lockdown

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Lockdowns have forced most people to formulate home exercise routines. In most jurisdictions, gyms are forced to close down to curb the spread of covid-19. Considering your result is one of the best ways to determine which workouts will help you reach your fitness goals.

If your target is to bulk up, then your exercise regimen will look different than the routine of someone targeting to lose weight. The following are some of the various workouts classified by their end goals. Get ready with your home exercise equipment and fitness clothes with back support for safety. 

If you want to gain weight

Resistance or strength training with heavy weights is your best option to bulk up or gain weight. Although your workouts may be similar to those for building strength and muscle, the secret is to utilize heavier weights.

Heavier weights will increase muscle mass efficiently, especially since most people looking to gain weight through exercise routines want to build muscle mass. Also, consuming Cira Nutrition protein supplements can greatly improve your workouts and regain used nutrients.

Additionally, you need to engage in progressive overload to build muscle mass. You can do this by increasing the types of movement done, the number of sets per piece, and the number of reps completed.

The traditional way to increase muscle mass is by lifting heavier weights and increasing the weight over time. For instance, bodybuilders and powerlifters use a bulking up involving pairing low reps with heavy weights.

Other effective workouts for muscle mass building are deadlifts, barbell rows, squats, overhead press, and bench press.

If you want to lose weight

Cardio training

Cardio is known for kick-starting weight loss if losing weight is your aim. Cardiorespiratory (cardio) training is an exercise that increases your breathing and heart rates, thus strengthening your lungs and heart.

basic cardio workout entails aerobic exercises that are good for cardiovascular health. Studies indicate that regular aerobic training alone can cause clinically immense weight loss.

High-intensity interval training (HIIT)

High-intensity interval training is another great workout routine to lose weight. Unlike aerobic cardio workouts, HIIT workouts are anaerobic. Rather than exclusively relying on oxygen, they are mostly fueled by stored carbohydrates.

The pace for a HIIT workout is usually 90-100% of maximal capacity since you want to exercise as hard as you can briefly. You burn more fat and breathe harder with HIIT than cardio. This results in greater body fat reduction.

If you want to build muscle and strength

Introducing weight or resistance training into your workout regimen is essential for increased strength and muscle. Research shows that by the time a person turns 30, their muscle starts to deteriorate. Also, they lose about 8% of their muscle each decade after 40.

You can counteract this phenomenon and build muscle at every stage of your life with the help of resistance training. However, you have to make sure you focus on all the muscle groups in your body to increase muscle and strength adequately.

Full-body workouts ensure that you exercise all your body’s major muscles. Also, dividing each day into lower and upper splits allows you to target particular muscle groups.

Compound exercises involve hitting multiple joints and muscle groups simultaneously. A full-body resistance training involves;

  • Barbell or dumbbell overhead press
  • Dumbbell chest presses
  • Barbell squats
  • Machine leg press
  • Lunges with weights
  • Tricep kickback with dumbbells
  • Cable rows
  • Dumbbell hammer curls
  • Pullups

Although doing workouts with equipment is more efficient, you can only do resistance training using your body weight.

Apart from your workout routine, you should also tailor your post-workout nutrition to suit your goals. Since protein is one of the most vital nutrients needed for fat loss and building muscle, it maximizes the benefits of exercising. The best way to replace the protein broken down by your body is by consuming a protein supplement.

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