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The Evolution of Sports Kits into The Latest Fashion Items

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No longer just a performance kit worn by professional or amateur players, sportswear has evolved into the latest everyday fashion trends. People from all walks of life now step out in style wearing their favorite team’s football kit, trainers, and performance wear, all in the name of fashion, as opposed to functional athletic wear. 

But how exactly did this evolution happen? And what, or who, are the biggest drivers in the sports fashion industry?

Designer collaborations 

Famous fashion designers have, in recent years, joined forces with sports brands to launch new products that appeal to both sports fans and the extremely fashion-conscious. Examples include Adidas and Stella McCartney, Adidas and Gucci, and Fila and Fendi, with clothing ranging from tracksuit tops to shoes and caps. 

As well as offering the renowned style of a sports brand, these collaborations offer a luxury, high-end selection for those who want to take their athletic look away from the gym or football field. 

Casual wear trends 

Casual, comfortable sports-style wear is no longer just for at home or the gym. While it grew in popularity during the pandemic, it’s now perfectly acceptable to don leggings and trainers almost everywhere, resulting in the rise of fashionable, high-quality, casual wear. 

Comfortable fabrics, breathable materials, and stylish designs have widened the appeal of performance clothing. So, whether you’re going for a run, taking care of errands, or spending the day shopping in the city, you won’t be out of place in your ultra-versatile sportswear. 

Celebrity endorsements 

In an era where influencers are everywhere, it’s no surprise that celebrity endorsements have increased the popularity of many sportswear brands and styles. 

Spotting a celebrity icon stepping out in their team’s kit often leads to a rise in the presence of football clubs and teams across the world. For example, multiple celebrities have been spotted wearing Liverpool football shirts, leading to a wider recognition of the club and its players.  

Social media platforms such as TikTok, X, and Instagram are often at the forefront of celebrity endorsements, with photos and videos so easily shared across the world. 

Nineties nostalgia 

It’s no secret that fashion trends tend to always come back around, and the recent revival of nineties nostalgia has led to a resurgence in the wearing of vintage sports kits and performance brands, including Ellesse, Fila, Nike Air, and Reebok. 

Hoodies, limited edition trainers, tracksuit bottoms, and caps were an iconic nineties style. These days, you’ll find original brands incorporating vintage trends from the decade into their brand-new designs.

There’s no doubt that sports kits and performance wear have become even more versatile and wearable, and thanks to famous designers and celebrity fandom, athletic brands are enjoying a more diverse customer base than ever before. 

Featured Photo by Fachry Zella Devandra on Unsplash