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The Must-Tackle Spots for Your Spring Cleaning

Renew your car insurance, sort out your tax returns, and go to the dentist. These are tasks that none of us relish, but they fall under the ‘necessary’ category – and doing the spring cleaning is no different, especially in those must-tackle spots.

You know you’ll feel better when it’s over, yet it’s still tempting to keep putting it off warns Stringer Management, a professional property management in Port Charlotte, FL. Of course, some are better at staying on top of things. But for others, it might take the impending arrival of friends or family members to jolt them into action and start their spring cleaning, and don’t forget those difficult spots.

Whichever camp you fall into, it can be easy to miss a few spots – so here’s our guide to make sure you get into all those hard-to-reach places and have your home looking as good as new!

Under the stairs

Your under-stairs cupboard can quickly become a place where shoes, bags, coats, and hats are left for months on end. One way to tackle this issue is having a fitted wardrobe installed to help with organization in the first place. And when it comes to cleaning, you can simply remove the neatly categorized items and get to work on the empty shelves left behind!

Light shades

There’s no doubt that lighting can transform your space’s look and feel, and you may prefer several individual lamps over one central ceiling fixture. That certainly allows you to adapt the illumination levels in each room, but it also means you are left with many more lampshades to clean. As they’re not flat surfaces, they’re easily forgotten, so make sure to add them to your list!

Tops of doors

Now, these are flat surfaces, but as they’re above our line of sight (unless you happen to be two meters tall), they’re easily missed. If you want to be extremely thorough, wipe down the entire door, but the key is to remember the very top, where thick layers of dust and grime can often settle.

Radiator covers

A radiator cover can add a certain amount of style to your home – not to mention protecting your little ones from coming to any harm. It’s a place to stand picture frames, ornaments, and other knick-knacks, but it can also trap lots of dust and dirt. Removing everything to have a quick sweep and polish can feel like a pain, but just like all those other jobs you’ve been putting off, you’ll feel better once it’s done.

Hire a cleaning service

Sometimes life gets too busy to do the cleaning that you want to be done. Consider hiring a cleaning service that comes once a month to do the heavy cleaning and you can do the light cleaning throughout the month.

Featured Image by Monfocus from Pixabay