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The Top 5 Most Overlooked Home Improvements

When it comes to stylish and modern home renovations, upgrades, and improvements, there are certain areas that most homeowners tend to overlook. 

Most homeowners tend to focus on value-adding upgrade projects like kitchen renovations, bathroom makeovers, and landscaping. However, these five overlooked home improvements can also boost value. 

The Garage

The garage area of a home is often shrugged off when home renovations are in full swing. This area of the home is typically used for storage, parking vehicles, and not in some cases, DIY projects. But upgrading the garage can increase property value substantially.

Moreover, upgrading this home area won’t cost too much. You’ll need to install a new modern garage door and the best garage door opener for easy entry. In addition, retouch the wall paint and flooring, and install a garage storage system for easy or ganization. 

The Flooring

The flooring in your home will have a major impact on the overall look of your home. And if you’re still holding onto shabby dusty old carpets or chipped tiles, it’s time to look into new flooring options

Hardwood flooring, laminate flooring, and large tiles are modern options that will increase property value substantially. With this, if you are a fan of comfy carpeting, you can consider investing in a few area rugs to decorate certain areas of your home. 

The Ceiling

You might hardly ever find yourself staring at the ceiling, although this doesn’t mean you should ignore this fifth wall in your home when repainting or renovating. 

If the ceiling has no faults, you can simply give it a fresh coat of paint. Otherwise, you can consider increasing the height, painting a design, or even installing ceiling tiles for an exceptionally stylish finish. 

The Windows

Most of us forget to wash the windows until it’s almost impossible to see through them. But cleaning the windows isn’t the only way you can add value and charm to your home in this regard. 

You can consider repainting the edging or installing energy-efficient window panes. These eco-friendly windows will reduce your power bill and add value as a sustainable element. 

The Doors

Lastly, the interior and exterior doors are also commonly overlooked by homeowners. Instead of holding onto the original doors, consider installing new exterior doors that make a statement. Moreover, remove doors in the living room and install an archway for added elegance. 

And when it comes to the remaining interior doors, you could consider sanding them down and repainting them or staining and varnishing them, depending on your style preferences. 

Another commonly overlooked home improvement is the lighting. Standard lighting can leave an upstyles home looking shabby. Instead, install modern lighting fixtures and opt for a few floor lamps in key areas like the bedroom, living room, and entrance hall. 

The home improvements listed above might not add as much value to your property as kitchen upgrades and bathroom revamps. Although, these upgrades will tie your interior makeover together as the final touches to your dream living space. 

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Featured Photo by Sam Clarke on Unsplash